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Can half life of T4 be different?

Hi everyone

I'm juggling my T's and having a lot of trouble self adjusting/increasing.

My goal is to have my TSH <0.01 by April 3. I'm currently taking T4 100mcg & 40mcg T3 which I'm stable at for last month. I'm trying to decrease T4 further to 75mxg & increase my T3 to 60, then 80.

...but 2 days ago I dropped my t4 to 50 (I know less than 75, I've got a broken hand & cutting to 75mcg is a pain so tried 50) & continued on with 40mcg t3 (plan was for 2 or so weeks till the t4 had decreased enough) but I'm feeling terrible effects all ready very tired muscle probs etc.. it possible that t4 can drop so quickly?

I thought I'd ask before I increased my t3 as I don't want to completely go hyper (as I've done before!! My ex!-endo upped mine before to more than 500 overnight & I was so crook!!!)

Ps no thyriod. Reason for this is TSH suppression Therapy.

Thank you all xxx

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This sounds like something you should be working out with your GP or endocrinologist. Medication advice is not something that members of this forum should be giving out. Have you tried getting advice from Thryoid UK?


You are asking something that is potentially complex. If you completely rely on a GP or "endo" you are going to get screwed. The reason: you are going to get an answer that has been given before. The answer been given before has never been checked for accuracy or how reliable it is over a range of possible conditions and lifestyles.

Go to "" this is the start of seeking out the information that you need. APRIL if you contact them may be able to put you in touch with people who can give you advice as to where to seek answers to the questions you have. - The Drug Safety Research Unit is another good place to visit.

Do not trust what anyone says. Check and cross reference information. Diet has an effect on your condition. The bacteria flora and fauna in your intestines has an effect on your condition. Your ability to break down drugs can be a variable. Different people have different amounts of drug breaking down enzyme present. No one size fits everyone.

Drug breaking down enzyme may be present in different quantities at different times. Some drugs rely on an enzyme being present to convert the drug to a substance which does the treatment. You may not have the necessary enzyme in sufficient quantities.

Hope this helps


Wow thank you so much!!! That's great! Long gone are the days I trusted docs/Endos etc! Ill def look into those websites! xx


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