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altenative medication

I have been a busy bee since my last post, and with your help, i have now looked into and brought mucuna prurients, L tyroisine,magnesium tablets, vitamine c tablets, Zinc tablets and fish oil, and now have a understanding of there proprieties, and there benifits, and i am quiet excited about it, and my hopes are high, do they really help, as nothing so far, in 3 years takes away my pain, mainly in my lower back, but spreads all over it, and through to my ribs, and my legs are offten painfull to touch. I also have ordered Dr David Drylands book on fribo, but the doctors and myself are not sure that is what i have got, so really i am still undiagnosed. any idea's, and experience in taking these alternative medication, And thanks for all your help so far. regards

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I remember you from several months ago and also that you are beginning to try alternative medicines.

Reading what was said about your GP and not find anything, have you tried Posture as you have mentioned you are effected on the full length of your spine including up towards the shoulders. Possibly you could purchase a book or ask to see an Occupational Therapist.

Take into account the chairs you are sitting in the mattress on your bed, the car seat and actually walking around.

If your three piece seats are lower than your knees and you are crumpled up this can cause problems.

When driving you need to sit with your arms closs to the body, with very little seat recline, you will also need to sit well into the windscreen and not need to reach out to the steering wheel or gear shift, your legs need to sit with the support

of the knees on the nose of the seat, the distance of your legs to the peddles need to also not streatch out to press breaks and accelerator and clutch. The more you recline the seat the longer your reach is to the steering wheel. This will also take away stress on neck and shoulders. Your bed needs changing after around 12 years and when you lie flat you should be able to push you hand through the small of your back. One of the best matress are memory foam.

Your pillow should support the nape between neck and head.

Give it a try



Thanks bob, but i have a very good posture, as i was a dancer iin my younger years, so i can eaisy rule out bad posture, and i also have seen a Occupational Therapist on more that one occasion, but thanks for your thoughts.


Hi Mufos, just FYI...i read somewhere that it's not a good idea to take zinc and magnesium supplements at the same time as one inhibits the absorption of the other. So basically take zinc with one meal and magnesium with another is i think what they were getting at. hope that's useful and good luck to you. Just out of interest, where did you get your information about supplements for pain management?


Thanks, i will take then seperately, and i got the information from pain concern a month ago, i think, starting with words from a Kinesiolgist, and replies from the post. Any thing is worth a try, when in constant pain.


The tablets may help if you have nutrient deficiencies in your diet. I am not a nutritionist so I cannot advise on this matter. As part of a regime where you have muscle experts involved then they will be helpful. Muscle experts help by working on contracted muscles, particularly those small muscles which are in spasm and are located in hard to reach places. These small muscles in spasm can apply pressure on nerves and the result is that you have pain or loss of muscular functionality in all sorts of places. This often called referred pain.

Muscular issues are out of the remit of the NHS. Muscular experts feel for dysfunctional muscles and work using their hands to get the muscles working better again.

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Hi i suffer with involuntary muscle spasms & have just read what you wrote how do i find someone who is a muscular expert? Im in chronic pain for days at a time cant remember when i had a good nights sleep i dont get much help from my GP or Pain clinic


Hi do these Experts have a name, or are they just called muscle experts. Thanks


I gave muscle experts as a general name for all those who work hands on with muscles.

So you have a range of different types of therapists such as: Alexander Teachers, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Massage therapists. Sports Massage therapist. Some T'ai Chi practitioners. Some Physiotherapists if they have knowledge outside of the NHS.

Hope this helps.


Ok , and thanks , I have tried most of what you have mentioned


This is a difficult question. You need to find opportunities to network with other people in your area. This way you can find people who have received treatment and can hear about which therapists are good and which ones are bad.

Everyone is different so what works for one person may not work for another.

stat.org.uk/ is a good place to start. Find an Alexander Teacher who has been teaching for ten years or more.

Look to find McTimony Chiropractors.

Have a chat at the local Hindu temple. The attendees may know of a local free yoga class given by trained teachers.

I cannot comment on Massage Therapists because I have not have had any treatment from a massage therapist for over 20 years. My McTimony Chiropractor gives some of my muscles a massage when needed as part of her treatment.

Ask you local GP who they know have experience of this sort of therapy. Quite a few GPs receive treatment from muscular experts.

Hope this helps.


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