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It is that time of year again.

The 3 wise men are also 3 best friends and spend time gossiping.

The Shepherds are much more interested in toilet humour than the Christmas story.

The elective mute although has not uttered a word all year sings beautifully and makes a delightful Mary. Joseph lays the baby Jesus so tenderly in the cardboard box and all turn around and try to pat the newly arrived.

As they parade around to one of the songs several are helping themselves to the odd Christmas tree ornament as they trail past.

Harry desperate to be cast as an angel is Oscar martial. The Vietnamese little boy and Japanese girl roll around the floor giggling.

The Polish lad takes himself off to the home corner. Bea is nodding off leaning against me.

The stars sparkle and I have just realised we have no donkey to show off Mrs A's homemade outfit.

Lovely Lucas has drawn all over my instructions. Chaos as usual then.

Hey ho. It will be all right on the night.

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Sounds hilarious! All will go perfect on the night. This is what makes it special, kids being kids.xx


Thank you so much for making me smile once again, the whole occasion will be fabulous I am sure.



Time will tell. The mummies and daddies will care not. They will too busy sniffing into their hankies.

I ask the kids what they thought god was today.

"The son" or " the moon". Was their reply. And in my limited attempt to explain he was the creator. Harry worried "he made me did't he". They are what keeps me getting up of a morning.


A colleague reported she was mortified by her daughter's nose-picking at last night's nativity.

My 10 year old told me he'd watched the infants doing their nativity : "It was just the basic story, no aliens in it this time."


Aliens! The mind boggles.


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