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Manipulation under Anisthetic

Hello everyone, I've been diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder (Left Capsulitis). Last March 2017 I was doing some arm exercises and I must of overstretched because the next day I was in terrific pain and soon after that I couldn't move it. I'd been having problems with soreness and pain in the shoulder several years previously to this happening but it never froze until now. I've been offered Manipulation under Anisthetic to get my shoulder moving again. 10 months has passed since the incident and it's still frozen. I didn't ask any questions about the treatment 10 months ago because I requested the natural approach of time and rest to heal. I've read that this treatment breaks up any adhesions (scars) that are in the affected area. My fear is that if I have this treatment I'm going to be in more pain and worse off because treatment involves stretching the shoulder again and therefore the possibility of it freezing again. Has anyone on here had this treatment and if so has it worked for you?

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I have been dealing with With frozen shoulder I believe I got it when I got my pneumonia shot. That was two years ago. I could not move my right shoulder I couldn’t get my jacket off. I still have to have help. It isn’t as painful as it was but I still feel the pain. I just left It alone. I was slowly stretching my arm I have it back. Not totally it does hurt but not as bad. You know when I first got it my sister had it and I heard people on tv also had it.


Have you had an MRI scan. Frozen shoulder can be due to a number of causes which only an MRI can determine. The proposed treatment may do you more damage if you have a buildup of fluid in the tendon sheaths.

You can tear the shoulder tendon. This can result in fluid buildup which in turn leads to frozen shoulder. The shoulder joint is a very complex muscular system. One part out of kilter will lead to a frozen shoulder. Hence the need for a MRI scan to investigate.


Thank you John, makes perfect sense to have a MRI scan. It has never been offered to me. I'll go back to my Doctor and request one.

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Thanks for the info


Hi there,

I had MUA many years ago but not for my shoulder for me it was for my back which I damaged in an accident which had been causing me a lot of pain but all of the doctors kept telling me they could not find a cause and that on the X rays there was nothing to indicate the cause I asked if it could all be in my head, in the end the doctor said if I want they would do a new thing that would indicate if there was a problem or it was all in my head so they carried out MUA the doctor said I would be given a general anesthetic and then he would move my back around he said it looks like he was wrestling with me, the day after the doctor came round and he had a black eye when I asked what happened he said I did it saying that he had started to move me gently and nothing happened but as soon as he twisted me one way I lashed out with my leg catching him in the eye with my heal which knocked him off the operating table and knocked him out for 15 minutes he added that they now know there is definitely something wrong but not what was wrong also it took me over a week to be able to stand up properly on my own, my advice would be not to have it as they will pull and push you about trying to free up your muscles which they will do much further than you would normally be able to without the pain stopping you going to far which will definitely cause you pain after the operation.

good luck finding something that works for you,

Regards Poppy Ann.


If you look at The Bowen Therapy, it can deal with afrozen shoulder in just a couple of treatments.


No, I haven't. If you choose to go through with this procedure, make sure that you trust the doctor. Best wishes


Suffered from this on my both shoulder luckily not at the same time. In 2016 my left shoulder frozen for almost a year, because they only tell me to get physio etc but didn't work. My GP gave me steroid injection in the end and a month later felt better then my right shoulder feel pain soon after suffered for about 6 months, because I know what it is I skip physio and other treatments I just asked for same injection to my GP straight away but he said it has to be at the right time. They gave me twice but didn't work so they send me to hospital for shoulder dilatation treatment it feels better after 2 weeks but not 100% still feel hurts if I use my right arm too much. I would say my left feel 90% better but my right about 75%. I'm leaving it as it is. But frozen shoulder is a horrible pain and leave you not able to do much very frustrating, it can lead to depression etc.


I forgot to say I never offered mua by my GP or physiotherapist.


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