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Working and weaning -possible?

Is it mission impossible to try weaning off tramadol plus work eight hours a day at the same time?

Thanks for everyone answering my last post about weaning! But this work -question still bothers me. I want to start the weaning process soon after Christmas, but I also need to have a job and I have applied to a few vacancies.

Now it puzzles me: is it possible to start the weaning if working full time? It must be done slowly, I know. But just wondered if the headaches ect. get so unbearable that I cannot be accurate at work?

Any advise on this one? Experiences? Thank you and a very Merry Christmas to everybody!

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Tricky, one of those problems for which answers won't appear until you have given it a try.

Merry Christmas to you.



Anything is possible - work with your physicians to achieve your goals. Good luck!


How long have you been on the Tramadol? i've now been at the highest dose for over two years I'm thinking the same.

I've now been at the highest dose for over two years I'm thinking the same. I have had it many times before and have never had an issue getting off of it. Though this time it's been a lot longer than ever before.

Just remember to take it slow and if you're feeling any sort of negative reactions from it talk to your doctor right away!


take it so slowly that your body wont notice the cut down. dont be to drastic as thats not good for your body anyway and usually leads to failure. instead of taking your tablets every 4 hours take them every 7 hours. that will work out quite well. if thats painful take them every 6 hours. that way your cutting down and after a few weeks doing that you can make the time that you take your tablets longer in between doses. iv always found this the best way to cut down. keep a note of every time you take a tablet. wishing your every success. love grace xoxoxo


Weird, but going off seemed to cause BOTH insomnia and incredible sleepiness for me. I also felt like I had a bad case of the flu. I took a nap on lunch hour and whenever possible. Under direction of MD, used sleep aid while weaning. So, yes, did work full-time but not much else until felt better.

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