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Hi all well ive been taken off 25mcg Fentanyl and put on 40mg MST

The fentanyl worked for the first 12hrs then tailed off quickly and caused skin irritation even though I was on Durogesic so my gp has put me on 40mg MST as he does not rate fentanyl as a long term pain killer anyway as they build up tolerance quickly and he rather take them off me now before I get severe withdrawal, so anyway Im on 40mg MST and they are quite frankly pathetic even though they are continuous release anyone have any experience of MST and their effectiveness? thanks

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Hi I prefer fentanyl as I find MST ineffective and actually causes me extra muscle pains. Morphine does have a dose ceiling wheras fentanyl doesn't so you can actually increase the dose continually. My GP told me she doesn't like fentanyl but my arguement is it's not the GP who has to take it. If you feel fentanyl is better for you, you could suggest going back to fentanyl.


Hi promised to keep you up to date, saw GP I'm sure I've seen him in Canton, if you know what I mean, after three minutes explaining about the pain and op in January, he gave me a script for Tramadol. I thanked him so much, after problem's with other GP. At last some one who listens, I've never taken them before, so friends, what do you all think? are they effective? look forward to your advice.


Well, that's a good result, better than nothing, remind me what meds you on now? Will he be there again? If so is it worth taking in your results and discuss NHS list?


Hi sharelle, thanks again for your interest, after op I'm taking you to my villa in Goa, "True" just think of wonderful people, bright sunny skies, 30 deg every day, private swimming pool. My way of saying thanks, The heat will cure any pain, and food to die for.

the only downside is the 12 hour flight, no good for any pain..

I don't think the Locum will be there again.The other meds I taking are co codemal, Diabetic drugs, metformin and statins, and anti depression pills. Hope to receiving any furter advice, fro m you and other friends.


Sorry you don't have suitable meds. I'm on fentanyl and find it quite good. I reduce it when possible so it's more effective when I have a flare up and need to increase for short while. Never tried MST myself. I would suggest you need to discuss with your GP again. If things not working trial and error till you find something that suits you. Don't take no for an answer, everybody deserves to be heard and remember it's your body. Good luck


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