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Does anyone know the estimated waiting time between having your pre-op assessment and your operation??

I am waiting to have a discectomy and a spinal decompression. I had my pre-op assessment on the 2nd September but I can't seem to find out approx how long it will be before my operation. Does anyone know any information or where I might be able to find out?? I live in the North West (Preston, Lancashire).

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Hello Bob here

Sorry all I can say is

How long is a piece of string, these days.

It will depend on how they are working out their lists, be prepared

All the best



Hi Bob,

Thanks for your reply. That's what I was dreading ha ha. Guess I'll just have to wait and see :-)

Kind Regards



Not sure how long you have to wait but would agree with Bob and be ready to go anytime. Good luck and please let us know how it goes. I am very interested in the operation. Thanks Ann


Ring the hospital and ask to speak to the secretary for the doctor /consultant you are under. If they don't know then they should be able to put you through to some sort of waiting list department who could give you an idea.

I've had operations in the past and the time between pre-op assessment and operation has usually been quite short. They should have given you some sort of idea of a date at your assessment.

Hope you get it done soon and it goes well.


Yes, Kate, I was going to suggest the same as teadrinker, the consultants secretary should be able to give you some idea as to how long the list is. Do hope you hear soon, you could always say that you would be willing to take a cancellation if you can be prepared to go at short notice.

Do hope all goes well, take care, Chriswinkle x


I was told my pre assessment date had to be at least 3 weeks before surgery. Mine is 3 weeks and a day. Have you heard yet?


I had my pre op 14/08 and got my op on 03/09. I think it helps to keep the pressure on via your GP. I have been off work for 16 weeks but recovering well.

Stay positive it is so worth it


hi. I had my pre-op a day before my op.Could have been tricky if my blood work had been off .Do ring as sometimes you can get lost or forgottenx


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