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Has anyone applied for PIP and had a paper based review or decision without attending the face to face assessment?


I am not terminally ill or come under special rules. I applied for personal independence payment in Nov 2013. In last 6 months I made several telephones calls to DWP and ATOS to chase my application and every time I was told to wait until I get the appointment for face to face assessment. Couple of weeks ago I contacted my MP and asked for his help in this matter. He very kindly wrote to the ATOS Healthcare who told him that they have already considered my case and I won't be called for face to face assessment. They also told my MP that the claim is now with DWP decision manager. Upon contacting DWP I was told to wait another 8 weeks for final decision.

I have over 3 inches leg length discrepancy, osteoarthritis in my knees, diabetes and high blood pressure and walk with special boots with extreme pain and difficulty. Along with my PIP application I sent couple of letters from my consultants and my repeat prescription which shows that I'm on 8 different types of life long medication.

To be honest I was hoping to see the ATOS so they can actually look at my condition but now I am very concerned as why have they made a decision without seeing me.

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Hello Ali00

There is a huge backlog of PIP asessments due to Atos and others carying out face to face assessments. Instead of it taking the expected one hour it was taking over 2 hours - this included the reports the assessors had to wrute. Something DWP did not account forr.

You have submitted enough medical evidence for them to appear to be satisfied you won't need a face to face. I would be grateful cos they are stinkers.

New guidance from DWP were issued only last week and appears more and more will get the paper assesments. It was how much of us claimed DLA in the old days.

Sit tight with everything crossed you get PIP but of you don't then you must ask for your claim to be looked at again and then possibly on to appeal.

Sound like you have a strong case but who knows how DWP, Atos et al minds work.

Hope this helps.

Pat x

ali00 in reply to Bananas5

Thanks ever so much Pat this gives me a lot peace of mind. bless xx


So far as I'm aware as the lady above said it's because of backlogs but you need to be aware that you can appeal the decision, there are several well organised groups on the web and your MP sounds as if he is firmly on your side, really hope it all works out

ali00 in reply to lurcherlass

Thanks ever so much million times x

hi alioo my wife has applied for pip it has taken over 8 months for her to get a appointment it was cancelled twice by them but she goes today i hope you get yours soon hope this putes your mind at rest

ali00 in reply to d264

Awww thanks, I wish your wife all the luck in the world. It's a very painful journey, in my case my consultant wants to do my leg reconstruction surgery which means I wouldn't be able to walk with the frame around my thigh for at least 12 months. My work won't give me anything more than statutory sick pay for 6 months and ESA is really hard to get. My husband cannot take any time off to look after me as he is self employed meter reader. This leaves me with no option but to carry on living with agonising pain and postpone my operation. I've worked since I was 15, paid taxes and my stamps and still working full time as a cleaner. I now live on 20 life long tablets a day which don't seem to work anymore. I don't know when but I have a feeling that soon I will on bed for rest of my life till I die. I feel so much for those who'll end up like me xx


d264 in reply to ali00

never despair there is help for you out there some where if the op helps take it ask your doc to look at changing your medication i take up to 30 tabs a day for my various probs heart tabs chronic pain and other probs my wife the same she developed cushings also she is diebetic no 1 and lots of other probs but we are getting there with the help of the doctors hospitals and family good luck for the future for you and your husband d264

Hello ali00, was sad to read your story, Hopefully someone will get onto your case soon.

I too applied months ago, am on 17 meds a day, have diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, artrial fibrillation , asthma, hypertension and a forty year old back disorder ( trapped nerve/bulge/slipped disc) and a chronic bowel disorder ( thirty years and counting!) Have been told no review until August, well, wasn't told had a friend in the business!!

Am hoping on your behalf that they do not need to see you due to the severity of your condition.

Please keep in touch, would like to support you in any way I can

With the very best concern and good wishes.


Hi I think PIP is unfair.My friend has several medical conditions some serious.He has colostomy for bowels and bag for urine, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and more but they are taking away his mobility car because he can walk further than 20 metres, he can walk 40 metres using 2 sticks and a wheelchair if any further. The lower (standard ) will not be enough money to run a car, Disgraceful

Hello p1pp1ns, am totally disgusted to read of your friends situation, I think we all need to get together and make a stance against the treatment of genuine sick people. Am not talking a protest or anything, just voicing our thoughts on why the innocent are paying for the amount of people whom have claimed benefit to the detriment of the suffering.

Whilst I understand the government need to 'weed out the false' am horrified to read of people having real suffering having benefits reduced/taken away.

If we have facts, proof from Drs why are we made to feel like we have to compensate for the 'cheaters on board'

Would be more than happy to front such an issue. Would appreciate some support and thoughts would be appreciated.

Best wishes.


I agree that you are probably more likely to have a positive outcome if it hasn't gone to ATOS than if it does. Keep thinking positive and I hope you hear soon.

Having seen the money being paid out to Assessors for Pip and ESA I welcome the new paper assessments.Its ludicrous the vital benefits are being cutback and yet ludicrous amounts are being offered to entice medicals to perform them.4 years since I made my first application and the case is still not resolved :(

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