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Last night I was lying in bed thinking as all insomniacs do.

I had a strange thought with regard to the pains we suffer, At the moment I am trying too loose weight so I put less weight upon my joints. I have trouble with this as many of patients with pain have because we are more inactive.

Can we associate pain with loosing weight, we bang our heads against a wall to try and loose it to placate society, who on occasions want everyone to be the same weight likes eggs in a egg box, ok food mentioned again

It is a sad fact that those who suffer like some with our problems find the slimming intervention courses a real problem where exercise come into it,

Now the odd bit of chocolate or digestive biscuit becomes a target for those who are be when trying to get a weight loss by any means. Could it be that those like us cannot help this problem we have, many medications have a clear problem with contr indications.associated with weight, are we starting at larger disadvantage when we try and loose those extra kilo.

Are we making ourselves worse because of it as weight and pain can become strange bedfellows

Enjoy your breakfast

All the best


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Hi Bob. Good to hear about you again , like you, I need to loose a lot of kilos ,but how?l cannot walk without a lot of pain,as you say most of the medication I am on says ( may cause weight gain ) its not MAY,IT DOES,what can I do , I try so hard not to eat more than 1,000 calories a day and most days I don't. I wish there was a miracle tablet either for weight loss or great pain relieve,roll on the day,I doubt it will not be in my lifetime .June


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