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The second prognosis


BOB again

One of our problems that we suffer from is mental health

This is because we become tired with our pain, and the negativity we can have from soceity.

Even pain control can be a trial,that cannot be squared our brain can become short circuited and we seem to have no way forward.

Now we start to become hesitant on our speech, forgetful in our manner and we fail to look after our selves in a society that has even less understanding of our daily lives.caused by depression So we fall even further down the pit of depression, Further medications are given talking sessions are arranged, six sessions. also other specialists will be informed, six sessions are given. So we become more drugged and we become more angered to a society that prefers to harass a very ill double wammy patient and they become antagonistic. towards the sufferer

Mental health becomes a very important illness that can ruin our lives because of an inconsiderate society, who can make fun and not understand that they may suffer in later life This antagonistic society rules the roost . Now we have two chronic illnesses and become even less use in this society whose shallowness can be heartless

All the best


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Yes, nail on the head there Bob. I was desperate not to be labelled 'nuts'. Holding it all together in the doctors surgery, school playground, supermarket etc... Now, I accept I'm nuts and well earned! ;)


Ye am having major speech problems the now...some times it very slurred and misunderstanding, other days I speak fine...

Does this annoy me, YES. I feel so embarrassed when it happens....outsiders don't see it as a health condition, most just don't understand...

Yes I have to agree with Bob, the society out there is very shallow to these uncontrolled health conditions...



Too true Bob, more care and understanding needed all round. I am guilty to, I tend to dismiss other minor injuries as "that's nothing" eg splinter, can be very sore, and getting it out can be difficult causing more pain, I do forget that that pain is rwal to them, and is probably very sore to them.

Joe, just a thought that's finally surfaced. Its been rumbling about for a while, but with you mentioning slurred speech its popped out, and adding it to your weak left side - have you been tested for Huntington's I think that's its name - it symptoms are often like a drunk - unsteady on feet, poor speech etc, and the suffers are often mistaken for drunks. It's a full on disease fairly rare, please keep an open mind when reading up about it. It may just be worth exploring, even if it turns out to be something else that's eliminated.

Society is shallow about many things, materialism, wealth, beauty, education, work, loves animals more than people, and many more. You just need to look at all the people who have been in the papers recently who have been abusing their positions of trust, or their celebrity status.

So much hatred in the world too from lack of understanding.


We cannot blame society for its shortcomings. We can only change the world by changing ourselves. It is us who have to do the work. It is us who have to learn about ourselves on a daily basis on what we can or cannot do. We have to learn to trade with what few resources we have.

When I was fit and healthy (a long long time ago) I had no idea what long standing pain does and was too busy doing my own things to have time to find out. Most people are like that.

I now trade information. I play with computers. I find ways to make myself useful even if I am limited. People help me and I help over people. I get people to help me understand the ins and outs of illness and I provide this information to others. I develop ways to to explain the problems of long term ill health. I know from experience that this takes a long time to develop the skills to do this.

Sitting back and blaming society when one does nothing oneself to educate society is not society's fault. It is our own.

Final note: Slurred speech can be part of the territory. The brain partially shuts down because of the work it has to do controlling the responses of our health condition. Speech is movement of the mouth and tongue and sometimes movement control shuts down for a rest. I have got used to it. My understanding friends have got used to it (not). They just point it out to me and I reset and start again. Making a mental note that I need to get some rest as some as possible.



Over the years, thirty in fact I have been disabled, For many years I have, also worked in the voluntary as information Officer,and facilitator.

Over the last few years involved in a think tank within the NHS.. Now I am hoping to become involved with the new Healthwatch, in mental health and dementia .my interest.

My problem at this time I have been to ill to carry on and have to wait until stronger.

Now I am still involved with latter and still have an interest in my practice participation

Group and was involved in the new clinic, cottage Hospital, that has just opened., something very positive

Over many years I have seen many positive things, in mental health, and now understand how the NHS works, I would love too learn more.

Also I have seen great negativity towards disabled some of this directed towards me very recently, that has been directed from a Public Service, this will be sorted out soon


Now over the years I have also seen great courage and fortitude, shown by those who are challenged by their conditions, and have seen how negativity has put spanner in works of these challenged people that would show up the able bodied

My need to understand that life chances have to be offered and the work environment has too be a positive environment as it is to those who work in it who have the advantage of a healthy body and brain

All the best



Hi Bob

Thanks for the comment. I have given up on my local healthwatch. My feeling was that it was more of the same while I was interested in having improvements. However, I do recognise that the same group will vary from place to place.

Have a look at the health scrutany panel and the health and well being boards.

It is nice to have a positive environment for those who are disabled. However the tendering process will not allow it. When I replace a bit of equipment I go on two issues what is the backup and what is the price. I do not go on how good is their work environment.

Last week I had to help arrange food for someone who got discharged from hospital. That person was discharged with no funds and no care plan. That was a lot of my time. It had to be done. However without the help of many ablebodied people who give of their time freely I would not have been able to do that.

Life chances are offered all the time. It is just that we are not always to see it. My health is a frustration. But after I developed my version of the tools to cope with it opportunities opened up. But it was a lot of learning with took a long time and needed the right people to be there to help.



When I was with LINK, everything was possible, they soon managed to get that knocked out of you

Over the last three months I have not been that good myself, I have moved to the Scottish English border so I will be with a different area in the same region I seem to be getting a a lot of paperwork too read The one thing I am seeing seems to be cost cutting so I will be interested in what the changes are when I return soon So I will need to do my homework

All the best



There is an old saying. "Snakes in the grass breed and multiply. While in the sun they wither and die."

Hope you are able to ask the right questions.

Beat of luck and keep us informed.


johnsmith, i don't see anyone here who is not working hard on their condition(s) and on helping others in some capacity. Society however is not blameless; many of the institutions are heedless and view any difference as negative and deserving of contempt. I suspect that, sick and tired as we are, involvement in political action, even just making sure we educate ourselves about the issues and VOTE at every election / opportunity may be a key to social change.

be well



Hi Elfanton

Thanks for the reply, We can work hard at doing something that is productive or work hard at doing something that is not productive because it feels good and we do not know any different.

Society is us. There are things I do which help and there are things I do which are not helpful. Sometimes I do not know at the time of doing them which is which. I just have to learn from experience. Often I have to make educated guesses and discuss with people my educated guesses.

We all have to sometimes stop working hard and look at what we are doing. Is what we doing helping me manage or is it not? We have to find tools which enable us to look at what we are doing. The tools are out there. It is easy to blame others and it is not productive even though the blaming feels good.

When I was tutoring I sometimes had to point out to the student that they were trying so hard that all they were doing was putting in more effort to get nowhere instead of stopping and starting again with very little effort to take them in the right direction.

I am not a political animal and find politics a waste of my time. I do have to speak to elected politicians and I do have to determine which politician can be helpful in moving things forward for people like us and which politician is not worth the effort.

I do often find that I am a spokeperson for the long term health condition explaining time and time again just what a long term pain condition does. Sometimes I get it right sometimes I cannot get it right because the person I am talking to has never had a days illness in their life.

I firmly believe that the situation is that for certain conditions the person with a long term condition has to pay for helpful treatment. I am an advocate of this. Let me explain.

A lot of my pain is caused by faulty muscle behaviour. The person who is able to help me with this uses their hands to deal with the muscle problems. Paying for my treatment is a two way process I have a choice to select that person or not. They have a choice to work with me or not. Different people work well with certain subsets of people. If the subset is wrong, there is no healing chemistry.

I do not have this option on the NHS and I have met many in the NHS who can quote what the book says and are not healers.

I had the fortune to know a GP who was a healer. He did not prescribe much medicine, but he did help change the mental approach of many of his patients just by being there. The GP's I had after he retired just did not have it. They cared in their own way but they did not have that "je ne sais quoi"

I have shown people that their stiff hands are not arithritus and old age but tight muscles in the forearms. NHS book treatment says treat with some form of drug. Healer treatment is help the person realise that they can use their muscles differently and enable them to move their muscles differently.

I have a shouldder injury at the moment which is compounding my problems I have found no one in the NHS who are able to help me examine how I make my injury worse. I have found people outside the NHS who help me improve the function of my shoulder.


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