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Has anyone ever gone for a second opinion?

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Hi, I am in the midst of trying to get re-referred. Has anyone here done the same thing or even tried and told they had to stay at the hospital treating them?

I am waiting to hear back from either my doctor or a new hospital. And there is a chance the NHS board may reject me and that leaves me at the same hospital with the same team whom I considered to be fractured.

But I also have a problem, I have new pain in the middle of my back. It's taking my breath away but when I'm rested it goes back to an ache. Do I go to my doctor and tell him/her, if I do where will they send me from there?

I just don't know what to do or shall I just wait and suffer in the mean time.

Many thanks for anyone who reads this and anyone who replies

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Hi, my name is Gayle and I had a total knee replacement back on Feb 9th of this year and I was told by my physical therapist that the pain could last up to six months after that type of surgery! So I have not been tom upset about recurring knee pain. I just deal with tin the best way I can without complaining too much to my sister who has been my caregiver sinceOI came home from Future care Homewood which just happens to be a great place to get rehab for joint replacement surgery. That particular rehab place is on 27th and Charles St in Baltimore if you're interested in getting better physical therapy. I recommend them to anyone who has had joint replacement surgery. I do take one medication for knee pain and other pain in my body. It's an anti-inflamatory pain killer called Ibuprofen and it's 600 mg every 9n hours as needed for pain. It actually does a pretty good job in relieving pain any where in our bodies! I would you should start praying to God Jehovah and his son Jesus Christ if you truly believe in prayer and God. Believe me, I know from my own life experiences that prayer DOES work!! So try and relax and pray. It really will help you feel better!!

I am really greatful for your input. Thank you x

Good morning,

Yes, i did ask to be sent to see a different specialist after one wanted to leave me with an arm i couldnt use!

Upon seeing the second one, considering he looked at the same mri scan he detwrmined that the first diagnosis was totally wrong! He fixed the actual problem and was great!

Stand your ground, you are torally entitled!!

Hope it does come through for you,


Thank you so much Amy for your reply.

I am so anxious about this as it's a very controversial story behind it but I have to believe that someone can truly help me as this surely can't be my life. If however they do grant me a 2nd opinion and there's still nothing then I will just accept it and try live my life to the best of my ability x

I was told I could get refered to another hospital , probally depends on which doctor is asked, good luck let us know how you get on.

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I will and hopefully it will be soon x

keep pestering them till you get the answere you want i never use to be like this but it seems the only way these days

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It certainly does. I feel like I'm a hypochondriac but what else am I meant to do?? Life's hard enough in this hell hole but with pain it makes me wonder if it's worth living at all. But I have to fight because my girls still need a mum. Sad really 😔

Hi. I have this morning actually been to see my GP to ask him to make a referral to an Orthopaedic Surgeon for a second opinion. I am totally sick and tired of being in constant pain form a chronic back problem and fibromyalgia. I have been discharged from the Pain Clinic because the Epidural pain killer they gave me didn't work. My GP just keeps refusing to change my meds as "you are on the right ones". Well if that's true why am I still almost crying with the pain?

I don't think my GP was overly happy at my asking for a second opinion but hard luck he is there as my GP paid to help me, not tell me to cheer up when I am at my wits end.

So don't give up, you have a right to a re-referral. If not make a complaint to your Local Health Practice.

Good luck,

Heltadelta x

Thank you heltadelta,

I really hope you get seen, I am still waiting patiently while I've been in so much pain.

My situation took a turn for the worse due to a neuro physician saying I must have a functional illness. But admits my MRIs are very different

All I want is to be heard and listened to. I don't want to feel in this much pain anymore. I went to the GP crying in pain and they have put me on tramadol on top of my other painkillers. Haven't taken them yet as I'm scared they will make me ill from side affects.

Thinking of you and thanks for replying x

Hi. I have no experience of Tramadol, but understand it is a strong painkiller. Perhaps your doctor could look at any other painkilling meds you are on and stop any that would not work with Tramadol. I do understand how much courage it takes to keep going to your GP or Doctor to ask for things BUT you are in pain, terrible pain and you need to get the right pain meds for you.

Take a deep breath and go back, are you married or have a partner or a trusted friend who would come with you maybe in order just to be there as support or even speak out for you if you feel that you cant??

Don't give in until you have tried every avenue.

I will be thinking of you so please let me know how things go.

Heltadelta. xxxxx

Thank you Heltadelta, I have just come home from a week away. Had very bad pain but managed to stay away and on the very last night managed to at the club house till 10.30pm so I am very proud of myself lol.

I was so hoping to come home to find a referral letter to the new hospital but no such luck. I guess I will have to wait maybe another week and then go back again to the GP to find out what's going on.

It's horrible that I have to fight to have this pain looked at in depth and it's worse that I'm such strong painkillers that normal life has stood still on occasion.

Thank you so much for your support, I do appreciate your support and the support of others on this site. It's nice to be able to talk to people that I can some what relate to x

Dear Trulysad. Firstly I hope despite the pain you had a good week away. Well done for fighting through the pain to get to the club house. Life seems to almost stop when you are in such pain as it's difficult to get out and for me it makes me feel anti social.

I'm sorry there wasn't a letter for you, yes chase your GP again, if you don't fight no-one else is going to sadly.

Keep strong.


Hi Gayle. My mum has nerve pain/damage in her back caused by being trapped in her 12th rib. We have gone on and on with this for about 3 years and I am pushing my mum to go for a second opinion so I was really pleased to read your post!!! It's our right to get a second opinion if we want one. At the end of the day it is our life that is being affected, not the doctors!! I hope you get somewhere!! Amy xx

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