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how to ask gp for a referral

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Hi All,this probably has been asked do you ask your gp for a referral when you're not sure who to be referred to ? I have seen ortho and they say there is nothing more they can at present. I would like to have arthritis test,CRPS check,scan or test of nerves or whatever.Not sure how to ask without seeming like a hypocon :) but I can't just sit back and swallow meds without knowing I have tried evrything ! I am paying out for hydro sessions with a private physio who assessed me two years ago,but really feel there must be something nhs can do as well..i'm not rich and get no benefits and am trying to hold down a small job of just a few hours a week. Any suggestions greatly received ..jan

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I would ask if I could be referred to a chronic pain clinic, as they are experienced in varying types of pain, and could refer you to another department if necessary.

Agree with missrat.

Hi and thanks. Yes I have done pain clinic .

tell your gp that you are confused and frightened,and would they please refer you to someone who specializes in your problem

thanks Sulimbi thats a good idea


Just tell your doctor what you have said above and what you have been doing over the last period with private consultations.

He should then be able too assist with any alternatives on the NHS.

All the best


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