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Need to have a moan sorry guys


The last few years have been hell , however the last few weeks have been even a level lower than that. The pain is like nothing I can discribe, going without sleep because your body just won’t let you, you try and do a few normal things just to make you feel like you still have a life just like cook a dinner to then make everything worse , and just when you think it’s not possible to get worse it does.

I know how much strain the NHS are under but my god waiting times are just outrageous, it’s a job to them and it’s our life to us and very few seem to realise that

I just wish I could win the lottery and have private health care 😞

Today is not a good day I just want an hour even a minute without pain why is that so hard to ask for :(

Sorry guys bit of a downer post but need to talk to people who understand this rather than my family who is just seems to go over their head now, if I try and talk about it I just end up crying

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For sleep if it helps I have an herbalist. It has made a world of difference. At least I get some sleep!

There is more she adds but the base combination includes Ginsing and Longen

Low dose klonopin was the only drug that helped the pain dissappear so I could sleep. The withdrawal wasn’t good during the day but at least I got some sleep

The herbs got me off the drugs. Amazing how the herbs help without any bad side effects

Thank you I’ll have a look into all of that, I would have to see if any of it affected my tablets I’m on atm.

I was drinking yogi bedtime tea and for a little while that helped relax and normally my clozapan helps me sleep but they just aren’t doing their job anymore with the pain getting worse and then with no sleep It’s like a horrible cycle lol

I’m glad you got to come off the drugs that’s amazing to hear x

Just realised klonopin is the same as clonazepam that I’m taking lol x

How I empathise with what you have written. Like you it's just painful to be upright and on my feet. My big toes hurts, the bone underneath I cannot walk on them and sometimes get a sharp pain on left ankle, outer side of foot and heel. When your feet hurt it's awful. My calves hurt and spasm, my knees, hips, lower back and pelvis all hurt. Sit down and the pain is relieved, however if you sit for too long the issues become worse again when you stand. It's difficult finding a happy medium. I'm guessing it's all osteoarthritis but are we supposed to ask our GPs to X-ray every single part of ourselves to confirm this? And if it is is there a different painkiller for arthritis than there is for nerve pain because that's what I'm usually on. Amitriptyline helps me sleep, nothing stops the daily pain. I use a heat pad on lower back/hips, hope you find some relief soon x

It's OK to Moan. I'm so sorry you are in so much pain. I understand as I get the same kind of bouts and just don't know what to do because it's so awful nothing helps. It just seems to get worse, the pain that is. I wish you well I will pray for your permanent healing and complete recovery. Elizabeth

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