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Just how much do you have to do to keep on top ?

Have been using lidocaine patches occasionally since Pain Cons recommended. The patches did not come with a leaflet but I had been given verbal instructions about usage. Well, three scripts later, a leaflet comes enclosed. It tells me I should use every day for 4-6 weeks before improvement. No wonder my GP raised an eyebrow when he asked how often I'd been using them and I said when I really need them -as they hadn't been particularly effective ! Why didn't he say but you are supposed to use them every day? Why did the pharmacist not include leaflets ? All I had was the bag's sticky label to 'use as prescribed'. Why didn't I ask ? Grrrrr !

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He was keeping you on your toes

All the best



That'll be right Bob. Took my eye off the ball there!


there's always something we forget to ask lol :) hope they help

all the best



They are working surprisingly well at the moment thanks. Mind you, the leaflet also advised me that lidocaine produces a chemical via the liver, which can cause tumours in rats if used for long periods. Again, grrr !


Best part of the population (very occasionally, me included) uses a substance that is well known to cause a LOT of tumours in the liver in people, as well as rats but it doesn't come with the warning!

It's alcohol.

Most of the drugs I use have very significant risks, and a lot of what I take causes very noticeable ill effect, but I need it to get out of bed in the morning and I even have to take drugs to counter those problems. Don't like it, but that's the way it is.

It's all about balancing up the pros and cons, you have to take that decision, but If you come across a drug or substance that has no side effects or risks at all, then please let me know!


Sometimes with medicines they pharmacy split packets and no instructions included.

I always check if it looks like a plain box or package and ask. Very helpful pharmasist finds instructions for me.

Pat x


I was told by a pain -victim I met that they take 3 days to start working ---

so no good for a sudden middle-of-the-night flare up. So I haven't asked for them.

But everybody responds differently, maybe more quickly.


Pharmacy leaflets can sometimes be vague. I ALWAYS check out info through Wikipedia

which is very detailed, quotes research findings and can be more re-assuring.


lidoccaine pain patches called versatis should be used as follows... 12 hours on and 12 hours off eg apply at 8am remove at 8pm.. then repeat process next day.. if your pain is worse at night apply at 8pm remove at 8am.. there should always be 12 hours patch use then 12 hours patch free.. they should have been supplied with a leaflet!!!



I have subscribed to Pain Concern for sometime but this is the first time I have visited the questions page.

I agree with Summer's comments above re: Versatis 5% medicated plaster.

I requested these patches from my GP a few months ago to help with my CPC, the idea being that they would help me continue working at my job. I only work part- time which is split between 3 days.

The patch was to be worn on the days I worked. I did as suggested and although the patch provided temporary relief it soon wore off.

I am so pleased I visited this page today because it made me re-read the information leaflet which states "you will feel some pain relief on the first day you use the plaster, but it may take up yo 2 - 4 weeks until the full pain relief effect"!

This is not what my GP instructed. I have a good relationship with her and so followed her instructions of applying one patch on the days I was working!

Thank-you so much Calceolaria for submitting this question otherwise I would never had discovered that I need to wear the patches every day ( with a 12 hour break )!

So people always check out the leaflets first....that's assuming that are given one to begin with!

Best wishes to all on our journey into managing our pain

Apologies for the long post



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