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Do we expect to much from pain medications


When reading peoples blogs and questions one thing always comes to the fore, our pain killers are failing to suppress our painful conditions. We always wonder why this is the case.

Are we expecting too much from these potent medications.

We discussed this on a few courses that I was on, the general thought regarding this is that our medications only suppress pains they do not remove, cure and numb these problems we have.

We all look for that magic bullet that will completely suppress and hide. What they supposed too do, get rid of pain. Sadly this does not happen and we continue on our journey towards a pain free life.

We end up taking medications that control our moods and flustrations so that we can tolerate what is onerous to many of us. .

Doctors will admit that pain medications will not get rid of all our pains, also we have to make trade offs because of contra indications that we all know about. We have to realize that anything we take is just taking the edge of our problems and still need to pace ourselves and sit in the garden to rest while others do the chores that we should be doing.

We sit on our seats at night, snooze and a voice wakes you saying, tired what have you done, nothing today even when you have tried and failed to impress anyone in your household. flustration rules our world.

Now we go back to the doctor and ask for further medications that may be that magic bullet ,

they never are. We go around in circles we become used to our pain killers and take doses that would knock many able bodies out for most of the day, so we also suffer these contraindications, we go back to the doctor and ask for something stronger the dance goes on and on and we become tolerant to strong meds. and near crippling contra indications

We now possibly go to the pain clinics, they instruct in relaxation techniques pacing, more medications, xrays and many other things that we can try. We start and wear tens electrodes that we need to change modulations so that the body does not become tolerant to. We try and use these machines when out and about, the pads slip, again we become flustrated.and do a sort of dance to make them stick back down again, we cannot wear them in the car, we now have to be careful taking medications when driving, we have a life of restrictions that some may have been set for our own benefit.

Life is a situation where second best is possibly the best way, we need to realize that a journey down the middle of good and bad needs to be taken, we will never find that magic bullet that will solve all our problems and give the able bodied a warm, furry feeling towards those who will never understand what is going on in the brain of those with disabilities because they cannot see what is going on in at least 60% of those who are a restricted disabled life.

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Hello borderriever.

Thank you for a wonderful blog. Yes we all do expect too much from medication,the problem sometimes is finding something that at least makes you comfortable. We do have to realise that things will never be the same again,you just have to get your brain to realise it as well and make the adjustment .

I nursed for all my adult life ,retirement came and I decided to continue working part time until I was 66, when I eventually stopped work osteo arthritis moved in and now I cannot walk without pain,I am so glad I have always enjoyed hand crafts,and now enjoy my cross stitching,I know I will never be as active as I was, so I just have to get on with life,and hope that some day they will find medication that will take the pain away. Thank you again for such a good blog.x


Hi Bob,

I didn't realise you are ( borderriever) hope you enjoy your new home,I also moved recently to be on the flat,it's great. Bye


I am going to print this off and read it regularly to try to persuade myself that I have got to accept this painfull existance and give in to it as my many consultants have told me to. I am still convinced there is a treatment for my chronic back pain but perhaps not but what a great bvlog to read regularly.


Hello Ron

We all live in hope that is what life is about



You all talk of the pain you to deal with, but of course no one knows the degree of pain others have.I have what to me is a rather nasty arm and shoulder pain that occurs with the minimal of usage and prevents me enjoying many activities.I also have severe carpal tunnel syndrome which at least can be releved with a minor operation.But reading of others experiences of pain I'm probably lucky as it has only become a real problem since entering my late 80's! Yes,I know, i'm lucky compared with others. at least I wont have too many years to put up with it! I don't take continuous pain killers as they can block more serious conditions that perhaps need attention. Best wishes to you all, and do hope your conditions improve..


I agree, Bob. The problem is that we refer to pain medication as pain "killers", but this is a poor choice of name for these drugs. Not even the highly-strong morphine-based stuff completely got rid of the pain of childbirth for me, and I have witnessed my other half completely away with the fairies on morphine after an accident yet still very much in pain.

The trick is to start thinking about managing the pain with a variety of methods. There is nothing wrong with medication if it works for you, or even if reduces or changes some of the painful sensations. I've found that for me, it's a mixture of things, but usually a fairly constant juggling act to stay on top of it. It isn't easy to adjust your mind-set to do this, but I found it easier to get on with life once I had done so.

Bob, the description of the TENS machine was brilliant. I haven't used mine in ages - it was taking so long to get the electrodes in place every day, then I realised I was switching it off more than having it on because of needing to drive. The final straw was pulling a muscle trying to position an electrode! However, I am thinking about giving it another go this week - that's when I've managed to find a 9v battery (last seen being used by the kids to power a game similar to "operation")


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