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Massage therapy

Just wanted to say how massage has been helping me, I found a lady that comes to my house that studied pain, bone disorders and muscular disorders. I have a massage every two week from head to toe and it has helped me make life a bit more bare able. She is away on a much deserved holiday to Africa which has meant I haven't had one for three weeks and my next one is a week away and I have noticed how much I have needed them to function a bit more. It also has helped my stress levels and sleep better. I would recommend you all to try as for twenty five years I have been in pain and wish I had done this sooner. Have a great day xxx

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David was prescribed Ibrufen gel for me to rub in to tight muscles. Consultant said it works 2 ways. One the gel and 2 the act of massaging. So yes I can understand how a professional massage will help you.

Pat x


Morning Loopyou1411

Pain clinic said when I was there this was discussed, it caused a few laughs, Very seriously though, when we got down to the practicalities a lively discussion on this took place.

When we got down to it a dog or cat will lick a sore or injury, we ourselves will rub or massage a strain or sprain. We can get rubs of various types to ease an arthritic joint we say ; ow and rub an area when we get a twinge.

Personally I agree with you that massage is a way to ease a pain and if it works you will use all means at you disposal to ease that pain

Good on you to find something positive for you, some doctors may be able to help you get something similair on the NHS.

All the best



This lady comes to my home charges £32 an hour and un knots my spine and all over so that I can cook for my kids etc, its not a cure but a life line to be able to do a little more for my kids.




Things and treatments that help us compete in a hectic world when you have children and other chores that would be difficult cannot be bad although have you tried your doctor as something further may be able too help and save money in your family budjit

During the early stages of my disability I used to go for manipulation privatley

this went on for several years, I claimed back the money from a staff medical type insurance, when it ran out over the current year I had too pay for the treatment.

When I was eventually retired, disabled the doctor arranged for me to have certain types of manipulation on the NHS

Sadly it was not offered until I left work, treatments then were £15.00 per treatment alot of money in the 70s. Treatments where at least once a week and I needed a course of treatment was upwards of 15 sessions, it was a bit of a bite in the finances after the policy for that year ran out If you can get this treatment on NHS more the better.

All the best



I went to pain management and they offered physio, and few other therapies but found I had to travel far to the treatments, also found it very judgemental, this lady comes to my home, and if I look rough or in a bad way she just senses my needs and helps me then I can go and sleep it off. I used to pay £80 per week on chiropractors but money ran out so I find this my dream solution and don't mind the money as I spend all my cash on the kids so this is for me, I don't drink, go out or be a typical women and shop all the time so this is my heaven, but I will go back to the gp and ask more about the therapy you have suggested, thank you any advice is welcome this is a permanent and ever increasing problem for me but am determined to battle through. Xxx have a good day all the best wishes xx Lou


Touch is a very powerful sense and we miss it when in pain as people tend to leave us alone to get on with it ourselves. Massage makes you feel human again....


You have got it spot on it makes me feel human again, it gets lonely when in pain and sometimes it's because I choose to be on my own but most of the time I find people have got bored of my situation all the time.


I too have had years of massage and love it. I have found that because I can't reach my back myself, if I massage my thighs, my body automatically starts to relax. The brain has made the connection that touch means time to relax the muscles. So now I have a proper massage every 2 months or so.

We are a very touchless society compared to others, we rarely shake hands now unless its for business or with an elderly person. Its very sad that touching is deemed so wrong, its a basic instinct that we are denying ourselves.

And this is why we have so many pets compared to other countries. We can get the comfort of touch from petting an animal. Its well known that petting an animal reduces stress levels.

And the best touch story from about a year ago is the lady who gave birth to a still born. She held him close, massaged him and he came back to life. (I say him as I can't remember which it was). So touch is very powerful.


Hi everyone, I remember when I was working as a care assistant in a home for the elderly in London. A lot of the staff were young Chinese girls. Every time we were on a break they would come and massage my neck and back as they could see just by the way I was sitting or standing, that I was tense and stressed. They told me that back home, lessons in massage are part of the curriculum! What a brilliant idea. just goes to show how beneficial massage is, Have a good day all. PS My ultimate dream is to have a massage every day.


The tension in the muscles are controled by proprioceptors. The proprioceptors are sensors that provide information about joint angle, muscle length, and muscle tension. These organs depend on change before they provide information to the brain. Massage provides a lot of change which in turn helps the muscles to register that they are too tight.

Moving will also cause the proprioceptors to register.

Some muscles can go into micro or large cramps. These muscles tend to need stretching before they will uncramp.

One of the things I learnt from the Alexander Technique is that the proprioceptors can set themselves such that the resting muscle tension is too high. You can change the resting muscle tension with gentle touch from another person. This is why the laying on of the hands is mentioned in the old testament.

A useful technique is to use the spinal reflexes to work on the affected limb. You have left to right spinal reflexes and cross-lateral spinal reflexes. For example cramp in the left foot can be helped by moving the fingers and palm of the right hand.


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