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cyclo massage therapy systems

Hi, as we all know we are always searching for something to reduce the medications we take and ease the pain. I came across this cyclo massage system at the Grand design show recently and was just wondering if anyone had any views on it. I realise it won't help with my nerve pain but wondered about my muscle contractions. It is so expensive though . Hope somebody has a view.

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Hi. Would you say what it is please, what it claims to do, where is it and how much? Thanks, Mary.


Sorry, gogled it, I do know what it is. I'm sure someone on here has the full bed and swears by it. EBay has a lot for sale, at least, various massage attachments, one or two beds and the Niagara systems which many will remember being free trials in shops.


Thank you for your reply. I haven't heard of the Niagara system so will check that out too. I will put a post on if I purchase something.


Just googled the cyclo and nigara... It doesn't say how much they are but.... I have a mobiliser machine from back in action (you can google them). It seems like a similar thing and I just love mine! You can hire it for a month (I did) so you don't have to pay big money if it's not for you! I wasn't sure about it for the first few weeks (bit scary at first as the fibrosed tissues start to stretch) but as the month came to a close I just couldn't send it back! I use it every day. It 'irons' me out, restores me... It keeps me limber and if I have a bad day (over doing it!) it gets me out of trouble. It pumps irritation out of my joints through the rolling action and it's portable! There is heat to soothe the nerves. I've had mine for about three years.. Particularly good for post car travel! It makes you go Ahhhhhhh! ;)

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Thanks for your reply, I will research your mobiliser machine, like the idea of hiring it on trial before purchase. I am hoping to get the same results that you do from whatever machine I end up with, being 'ironed out' sounds just what I need right now . Thanks


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