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Sandra just completed 2nd cycle of Gem/Carbo and although we were told last week that the next CA test would not be until start of cycle 3 in 2 weeks, I have rang the secretary this morning to find the bloods dept did analyse the CA yesterday. Knowing it had dropped from 88 to 48 after the first cycle and we had a week delay of starting cycle2 due to being on antibiotics I now find it has risen slightly to 50. Bearing in mind this result is after the treatment of only one week of cycle2 and does not take into account of the completion of cycle2 yesterday its still disappointing news. We now hope we see a reduction before cycle 3 commences on 18 Apr. No need to panic just yet.

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  • Hi Paul,

    Let's hope that you see an improvement next time so try not to be too down. :-( Best wishes love x G x 8-)

  • Good Luck Sandra for 18th and hopefully a reduction in CA125.

    Thinking of you both

    Love Hilary xx

  • Dear Paul

    I hope the Gem/carbo works well for Sandra. Some while ago one of the members who was going through something similar was told not to worry too much about the CA125 between individual sessions. She was told she should be looking at the general picture over a longer period which would give a more consistent picture. It can really get you down to find it's a couple of points up mid cycle.

    I'm really sorry this is happening.

    Hopefully you'll see a reduction in the CA125 in the longer term.

    best wishes.


  • Hi Paul

    You're a sensible chap, you know it is trends that count not these single figures, so hold on and see what happens next time. It's distressing but really not enough to specifically concern. Most important to keep positive for Sandra, as usual. Fingers crossed for you both


    Sue xxx

  • Dear Paul

    I think that Sandra and I are on the same regime (except that it is my eighth line of chemo.-I was diagnosed in 2005) but I have cisplatin rather than carbo because I am allergic to carbo.I am just about to have my free week after 2 sessions and did ask my oncologist about results. He made it clear that it was best to look to the longer term for reliable outcomes. Hope this helps and lots of fellow feeling to Sandra - this gemcitabine is a funny drug!

    Best regards - Bunty.

  • Thanks for your support girls, as I said no need to panic but thought worth noting it for others to understand the roller coaster ride we are all on. Love Paul x

  • Hi Paul

    I have just hady second treatment of carbo/gem and I had a two week delay due to low white cells. I got quite a drop from 161 to 128 and am waiting for result of second ca125. I hope the next test shows a drop but I would not be too down as 50 is still a reasonably good value at an early stage it treatment and such a small rise is well within testing accuracy. I'm sure what's more important at this stage is how Sandra feels.

    Good look with next test.

    Sharon x

  • Thanks, she ain,t feeling good at mo, feeling sick all the time and not been out of bed for last couple of days. Hope tomorrow is better. Love Paul x

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