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Sandra on 2nd cycle of gem/carbo today after missing last week due to admission into hospital with raised temperature. Her CA had dropped from 88 to 48 after just one cycle but now the bad news!! Yesterday she has found a lump in her groin which is tender. This is not what we want to find after a promising start to treatment and a bit miffed when the CA showed good results last week and yet a mysterious lump appears from nowhere. Clearly a little concerned but happy to be in clinic today to get an explanation. Watch this space.. rgds Paul

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Hoping it turns out to be an unrelated swelling, Paul. It's perfectly possible when the immune system is so under attack from the drugs, and the drop in ca125 might suggest that too.



Strange new symptoms are always a big worry. I do hope you both get some reassurance today and that Sandra's treatment goes to plan.

Hugs to you both

Linda xx


Thinking of your both, let us know how things go.

Tess x


Hope all is well. Or at least getting better. Cx


I knows its a worry but it could be something benign like a sebaceous cyst they are quite common in the groin area but The Christie are very thorough


Hope its nothing serious, sending my best wishes to you both

Jan x


Good news in as much that the lump in the groin was on the previous scan and should be nothing to worry about since the CA had shown a good reduction. No explanation why we could not feel it before. So we start the 2nd cycle in the next hour or so. Back on track.


That's good news. Hope the chemo continues the good job it started.

Best wishes to you both

Andy and Angie


Hi Paul -- That must be worrying not to mention distressing and painful for poor Sandra. but as the ladies above say, it sounds a bit contradictory so might turn out unrelated and minor -- I do hope so. Stay strong -- Sandra is a lucky lady to have you by her side


Sue xxx


Good news reference Ca125 result, let's hope the lump in Sandra's groin is a red herring -all the best with the treatment and all your positivity.

Happy Easter to you both

Amanda xx


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