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Topotecan update

Just a short post to let you know I have completed my first round of Topotecan (3 doses) with a drop in CA 125 from 57 to 47. I know that a 10 point drop may not seem like much, but for me it is. The side effects have not been very bad either. And the BEST second grand daughter was born this week. I think it's time to plan a little adventure somewhere. Fondest regards to all.

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Firstly, congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter xx I am on Etopiside and Carbo and doing quite well with very little side effects (fingers crossed) so far. The ca125 drop is brilliant it is seems to be much slower once it goes under 100 (in my experience). Its going the right way and thats the important part :) Best wishes xx Trish


Well done Carol and that is reassuring enough to give you strength and energy to keep on at it. Congrats on your new grandaughter, its a boost and give her lots of hugs and kisses when you can


Hi Carol

I have only recently begun reading and posting on this site. Congratulations on birth of your granddaughter. Such a delight. My 3 grandsons and their parents are such an important part of our lives. I am on Topotecan as 3 rd line chemo and had interim CT scan yesterday. This chemo is very easy on me and no pre-med either. Results maybe Monday but that could be optimistic. An anxious time waiting to hear. My regime was 2 weeks on and one off to let white cells recover so I have had 4 cycles to date. Good news about CA125 as well.

Very best wishes and enjoy your granddaughters. Maureen


Hello Maireen. Thanks for your response. Please let me know how your scan turns out. I am 3 weeks on and one off from Topotecan. I have received one of round #2 and next one this Friday. After the 3rd round of 3 I will be scanned. A bit nervous. I had requested a 3rd surgical procedure as I have been on chemo straight for over a yr now. This is my 6th line of chemotherapy. They are now considering surgery depending on the next scan which should be beginning of November. As they say, "be careful what you wish for".


Carol, thank you for your response. What a lot of chemo. Can I ask what you have been treated with? I have only recently been on this forum and you may have posted this info earlier. My OC is platinum resistant and I am beginning to look at clinical trials, but need to consider whether to work my way through the whole menu of NICE approved therapies first. I have been on chemo since May 2013, except for the interval over Christmas & New Year awaiting surgery and 6 weeks post surgery.

Best wishes Maureen

PS No CT report at consultation today, so continue tomorrow with Cycle 5a of Topotecan. Report next week probably.


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