Two Years On...<3

Hiya Everybody :) I havnt been on here for a while as you can see from my other blogs i was diagnosed with a borderline ovarian tumour stage 3b at the age of 17, in march 2011 i had a full hysterectomy to be sure it was all removed to keep me well and healthy its now just over 2 years on and im nearly 20! and i feel ok and well but unfortunely the last two MRI scans i had showed a slight growth on my vagina wall and my doctor wasnt to sure if it was scar tissue or the tumour was back, he said it could likely be the tumour back and my last scan showed it had grown again so it was 4 by 9cm now its 7 by 13 which has grown its growing very slowly but he said he doesnt know if its the pictures maybe taken from a different angle, it doesnt upset me as ive been through the worst i can go through and i can beat this!! may need another op, but got my next scan in april so we will see then. I just think its good to talk on here sometimes i feel people brush it off as it was an borderline tumour not ovarian cancer and i didnt have chemo, so people dont understand but i try to explain fully what my situtation is i feel lucky in a way as i found it originally in feb 2011 and it was gone by march 2011.. the hospital and doctors were amazing and with keeping with my check ups keeps an eye on whats going on obviously i cant have children and it will probly effect me more as i get older but i just wana let every1 know im doing ok, and hope every1 else in their own situations are too.

Much Love Jasmine Rose <3 xxx

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  • Dear JR,

    It's so difficult, isn't it? People just do not like to recognise how frightening, and what long-range implications a diagnosis has; and although we also want to put it aside and get on with life, it is also always sitting on your shoulder!

    I hope the scan results turn out to be benignly explained.

    You are an inspiring young woman. Keep as positive as you can - but never be afraid to express your worries and get any treatment you need.

    Very best wishes,


  • Hi Jasmine Rose

    Well done you on remaining so positive. I had a borderline tumour removed at the end of last year so have read your blogs. When you were diagnosed initially, did you have invasive or non invasive implants. I know what you mean about the cancer diagnosis. Some people look at me gone out as if I'm telling porkies when I tell them that I've had a low malignant form of OC. Take care kerry xx

  • Thankyouu, isadora!! and doodoolatrice i found out that i had the borderline tumour febuary 2011, and first when i went to my gp they told me to go buy some gaviscon because they thought i had indegeston i was lucky as if i would have left it another 5/6 weeks i wouldnt have been here now!! then a week after going to my gp i went to the hospital had keyhole surgery and they said they literally cant see any of my womb. ovaries ect.. it was compltely covered with tumour the pictures were so shocking as there was nothing left they reckon it had been their since i was like 13 but growing very slowly now looking back i never had regular periods and always was so tierd if i knew back then maybe they could have saved something!! but before i went into hospital for the keyhole op in feb 2011 i looked about 8months pregnant it was horrific to deal with and i couldnt hardly walk without gettin out of breath so i was diagnosed in feb 2011, they booked me in march 2011 and it was removed with a full hysterectomy they couldnt keep anything so i have no womb, ovaries, the bit of fat that protects the womb, diafram ect.. they had to remove half of my liver as it started to spread i feel so lucky as ur liver grows back and then from the liver it would have moved to my bowls so lucky it never because they wouldnt have been able to op on my bowls at first they thought i would have needed chemo as my mum in 2004 was diagnosed with breast cancer as so was her mum my nan and great nan!! so they was so sure i carried the BRAC1 gene which all the women in my family do, but when my results came back i wasnt a carrier they said i was 1 in 20,000 in 20 years :o so it is difficult but what can we do hey just got to stay positive, but i have a gut feeling it is back and growing again but we will have to see just dont want any more ops it makes life so difficult for every1 around me and work but i have to put myself first! xxx

  • Hi Jasmine Rose,

    I am so sorry that you seem to be going through it again, you are such an inspiration to us all, and so good to see you back on here with an update ( but not good about your concerns) I think whatever the stage or grade of your OC there will be people who don't understand, they never will understand, sending you my best wishes love x G x :-)

  • Hi Jasmine Rose

    You are amazing! I don't think I could have had such a brave and positive attitude at your age or in fact at any age. Good luck for April and let us know how you get on

    Monique x

  • Hi Jasmine Rose

    You have been through such a lot at such a young age. I think you're incredible. Let us know what happens next.

    Love Mary xxx

  • Hi Jasmine Rose

    What an inspirational young lady you are , but so sorry to hear that you are having further concerns. If it is any consolation my consultant is adamant that any recurrence of BOTs is likely to be borderline again and is taken care of by surgery. I am a year and a bit ahead of you and honestly time is a great healer , in a year's time you will see how far you have come.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story . It really help me and almost definitely other BOT people, as it makes me realise that I am not being barking mad when I worry about recurrences. My consutant is very much of the mindset "it's gone and it's all in the past for you ", making me feel guilty about fussing.

    Take care of yourself and do let us know how you get on.

    Charlie xxxx

  • Hi. You are an inspiration. You sound so possitive. Im so sorry that you are having problems again.

    I had a 35 cm Borderline tumor removed in Oct12. When the biopsy results came through a few people said what great news it was. I didnt think so, I know it could have been alot worse, but we were expecting a normal large cyst. Even my Gp thinks BOC is nothing to worry about. I Had a scare 2 weeks ago, when they found a cyst on my remaining ovary. Luckily they've had a good look at it and say its an ovulation cyst. I need to wait as long as possible now before i have a hysterectomy.

    Keep being possitive. Sending my love and best wishes to you.

    Louise. X

    PS . If you dont mind me asking.What was your surgical menopause like??

  • Hiya willow my surgical menopause was abit strange at first but im now on the cilest pill to give me estriagen hormone and I do suffer hot flushes alot more in winter then summer but its not as bad as I thoughtxxx

  • Hi Jasmine Rose,

    What a fantastic attitude you have! Whether borderline or stage 4 everyone on here gives each other a tremendous amount of support. You may not have gone through chemotherapy but you went through a massive operation (along with all the future consequenses) at such a young age and have been extremely positive despite this, so i am sure this strength will see you through. Dont forget though if you ever feel down (and we all have our moments) and the people around you dont understand, the lovely ladies on here will pick you up!!

    Lots of love

    MB x

  • Hi Jasmine Rose

    So full of admiration for your positive attitude at such a young age too. Do so hope that your final results are good for you and you are able to get back to living life without the nagging doubts.

    Sending loads of love and cyber hugs

    Hilary xxxx

  • Hi Jasmine Rose

    I'm sorry that you feel like you have a recurrence, but we all know our own bodies don't we.youare so positive and have been through so much already I really admire you and send you the biggest hug and good wishes and hope that your fears are found to be unfounded.

    Love Amanda xxx

  • Dear Jasmine Rose

    It's good to hear from you with your update but I'm really sorry that you're worried about a recurrence. I really do hope this can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

    You are a great role model for us all. Have you got a good support network round you with other young women? I have heard there's a younger women's support group at Ovacome so if you haven't joined or thought about that yet it might be worth ringing them to see if there's something going on that you'd like to join.

    I'm crossing my fingers for you and wishing all will be well.

    love Annie

  • Dear Jasmine Rose, I know just what you mean about the BOC diagnosis. I didn't need chemo either, but worried that it might come back again. I have had a few checks made when I have felt something is not right, it's all been OK. I am still wary of any odd twinges. I know it could come back. But....I have been well for just over ten years now and I figure it's up to me to make the most if each minute I have while I am feeling well. I know you're a lot younger, and I hope that this latest feeling of things not being right is investigated quickly. You need to get it checked out to put your mind at rest. You sound a wonderful young woman, I hope it's all ok for you. Do let us know how things are going

    Love Wendy xx

  • Good to hear from you Jasmine I think we were both going through diagnosis at around the same time. I was also diagnosed with some borderline and low grade tumours and I understand what you mean I sometimes feel like such a fraud. Last year there also found something on my vagina which they thought was a tumour at first and then decided it was most likely a pseudocyst at my last MRI it had gone.

    I am back at the hospital this afternoon to repeat some blood tests but I am feeling good after my gall bladder surgery.

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