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Hi everyobody, i always feel so bad when i come back on here as its nearly yearly but i am such a busy lady, with work, family, friends and my partner! I love coming back on to read everybodys posts and replys to me its a great way to see how everybodys doing!! I Have posted a few times over the last 3 years about my borderline tumour in my ovaires that i was diagnosed with in march 2011 at age 17 it was at stage3b, luckily the doctors caught it just before it got to the worst stage and would have spread but luckily the fluid bloated my stomach and it forced me to go to hospital otherwise i may have died. I didnt feel unwell atall and wouldnt have known. I am currently having MRI scans every 6monnhs to keep on top of my tumour just in case it returns as they dont 100% know it may not return every1 mri it shows a slight difference but my gynacologist said it could be scarring tissue or the way the picture is taken but they cant go in and operate as they will only be able to operate on me a couple more times and if it was the tumour then it wouldnt just be in one place it would be it would be in multiple places so they want to wait to see if any more changes every 6months but its always different. I am curretly taking cilest contraception tablets as a replacement to my estrogen and they think HRT wont be benefical to me for my age ( which i am 21 now) and i find he cilest doesnt give me headaches like the yazmin pill. I Have to take it otherwise my hormones levels go up and down i get hot flushes (more in the winter) i am still pre menopause and the pill just puts the menopause on hold basically with the estrogen in the cilest pill. Also their is always going to be an uncertainty that the disease may return but i cant think negativly i have to try n live a normal life and to the full. I just hope everybody is doing well and i will try and get on here more often much love Love

Jasmine Rose xxx

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Dear Jasmine Rose,

Lovely to hear from you, thank you for the update I often check your profile to see how you are doing, please don't apologise for getting on with your life because you should be doing this, we are all happy to know that you are ok ...sending you best wishes and hoping you live your life to the full.

Love x G x


Lovely to hear from you Jasmine Rose. As Gwyn says it's lovely to know you are busy and getting on with your life.

Sending you best wishes.


Zannah xxx


Dear jasmine rose, in really pleased that you're getting on with your life and long may it continue! Enjoy it!

Best wishes Francesca x


Pleased to hear that things are going well for you Jasmine Rose.

Love Mary xx


Getting on with your life is the best thing you can do so 'good on you'! Good to know things are going well.

Best wishes

Annette xxx


Lovely to hear from you and so pleased you are well and living life to the full, take good care , hilary


Was wondering - was it mucinous or serous, and did you get chemo?? So young to go through all this.


Hi hun i think it was serous as it wasnt growing fast and i was booked in for chemo until they found out i wasnt a brca1 carrier so it was really unusual chemo wouldnt have helped as it was so big they just had to remove the whole thing including my womb, ovaries, and all down their x


I am so pleased for you. At your young age having been through so much, it is right for you to get on with life. Live every day to the full and regret nothing. Wishing you good health and happiness. Love Ann xo




Good to hear from you Jasmine-Rose


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