Hi! ladies, I haven't blogged for a while but still read all yours. I'm on 3rd time around since March this year with no treatment only on Letrozole. Had a scan on 29th June & it showed a very minimal decrease but it also showed it had moved into lymph gland in abdomen.

I read in one of the blogs about 'Tumeric' so decided to try it. 2 tablets a day one morning with food & 1 evening with food which I've been taking for around 2/3 months now. Had another scan last week & got result yesterday. Got the best Christmas present of all when he told me that my tumour had decreased from 16x12 to 10x7 & no sign of lymph gland in abdomen. Don't know if the combination of letrozole & tumeric has helped to reduce the tumour or if it was just the letrozole on its own but I'm staying on both & praying that my next scan (probably May/June next year) will show that it has decreased even more.

Next year in April I will have survived for 16 years with Ovarian Cancer & I'll never give up. I was diagnosed at the age of 58 & will be 74 next year.

Wishing you all a great Christmas and a healthier 2013

Love & Hugs to you all


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  • That is so good to hear! Well done you. :-) it is so good to hear about the turmeric too. It's really interesting to hear this is having good results, it may give hope to others too. I send you all the best for continuing good health and wish you a happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Flower

    What wonderful news, a boost to us all I'm sure! Keep fighting and stay well!

    Have a good Christmas and happy 2013.

    Love Linda xx

  • That is great news. I finished my 1st line carbo.taxol in Oct. Had TAH in Aug. Was diagnosed stage 1V. The 3 cycles chemo post surgery did nothing to the tumours that couldn't be removed via surgery.

    I'd read on hear about turmeric and have been taking it for a couple of weeks. There was some confusion about the dosage. The lady in H & B seemed to think that 2 (400mg) capsules could be taken twice daily. I have only been taking one at a time, what dosage do you use?

    wishing you the very best of health, long may it continue

    Love Chris xx

  • Hope nobody minds if I but in. The recommended dose for Curcumin - Turmeric extract - is 8 mgms daily, split over three or four doses. See e.g. the MD Anderson site or for example this study: Prof Bharat Aggarwal at MD Anderson Cancer Center Tx is responsible for much of the research.

    You work up to the 8gms from a starter dose of 1 or 2 gms. Some people can experience mild GI upsets. It is very important to take either a supplement that has piperine - black pepper extract - to aid absorption, or you can buy piperine at Amazon. I have been using Doctor's Best Curcumin with bioperine, 1 gm tablets. I use it for half the month. It's £42 for 120 tablets, 15 days supply, so it is quite expensive.

    I have absolutely no idea if this works or not, but there is a growing body of research that suggests that curcumin has anti cancer properties. It helps me to feel proactive, which can only be good. Please if you are considering this talk to your onc first and consider giving her/him a list of Prof Aggarwal's research papers.

    Hope this helps. Cx

  • Hello Flower -- that's a lovely cheering blog to read first thing in the morning! I am really pleased for you. Turmeric is a wonderful thing; I knew it was a natural antiseptic but hadn't been aware that it may be even more. I do believe that somewhere in nature, probably hidden in the rain forests we so blithely destroy, that there are cures for almost everything...




  • So pleased to hear your good news. Thank you for sharing this, it is very interesting. Very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

    Love Mary xx

  • Dear Flower,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, it is so inspiring to hear your news, stay strong, you have given me faith and hope for your future and for others, including my own journey.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Dear Flower

    What a lovely blog. Thanks so much for posting up your good news. It's cheered us all up.

    I'll certainly try the turmeric tablet. Luckily Chrystnh has posted up advice on what to get and where to source it - so that's C for that really helpful thread.

    Here's to better health to us all.

    Love Annie xxx

  • You can get Turmeric extract at Holland & Barrett! Much cheaper than the web site! I am off to renew my supply today!


  • I'm off to H & B today! Thanks for the tip. Anything's worth a try! xxx

  • Don't forget you need black pepper to help absorption! I just grind extra onto all my food!

  • Well done Flower!

    I believe turmeric is most effective if combined with black pepper so I now add extra pepper to everything!!


  • Glad to hear your good news! My naturopath recommends 3g of turmeric a day for me (but that's a personal recommendation), however like all these supplements it has to be a good source.

  • Dear Flower

    Thanks for sharing your good news. Hope that trend continues for a long long time, and that you have a wonderful Christmas.

    Linda xx

  • Hi Flower,

    Glad to hear your good news that letrozole is working for you, i to have been on it since May although i don't get scans anymore my ca125 every 3mths are rising slowly, one month after i finished 4th line chemo in March it went up to 400, 3mths after i started letrozole it had risen 230 and last time i seen my oc beginning Nov it was only up 67 so it is definitely slowing things down,I have been feeling great since i started letrozole i also will be trying turmeric have a wonderful Christmas and New Year

    Love Buddy x

  • Hi Flower, that's great news for you! I have my check up in January, so will find out then if the letrazole is working for me. Like you, I'm also taking turmeric, but as a tincture prepared for me by a herbalist I see. I also use the fresh root in various meals - I keep forgetting about the pepper working in synch, although I do add pepper when cooking! Happy christmas all and here's to a positive New Year. xxx

  • Thank you to all the lovely ladies out there re your comments to me. The tumeric I use is bought from Holland & Barrett - 100 x 400mg capsules & it states the dose as 2 per day. I take mine morning & evening with food. It also works with the digestive system & I have found it has helped me especially with the pain I was having with the gall bladder & at the moment that has disappeared. Please pamper yourselves this Christmas. Wish I lived nearer to some of you as I am a Holistic Therapist & would certainly pamper you myself but I live in Glasgow & I know most of you are down South.

    Love & Hugs


  • "down south" is relative! To anyone north of here I live in the midlands but as far as I am concerned the north begins at the Trent! LOL

  • LOL - brought up in London I thought anywhere north of Oxford was 'North'.

    My father was shocked that geography at school hadn't addressed the layout of the UK so he took me on a holiday to see all the sights up the east coast of England. We visited Edinburgh, then drove across to Glasgow and up to the Campsies and Loch Ness. We came down the west coast via Newby Bridge in Lake District and back to London. In the early 60's with only A roads and a cluster of OS maps orienteering was quite an adventure and the holiday was one I'll never forget.

    I agree with Margaret that taking in the length of the UK York does seem about the middle.


  • As a Geographer the southern tip of the pennines marks the start of "the North" on the East but, having said that, on the West, the Noth does not start until the Mersey has been crossed! No self respecting Lancastrian or Yorkshireman considers themlves anything other than "Northern".

    May I shoot your Geog teacher please? LOL!


  • Wished I'd shot him myself. He made a fascinating subject totally boring and touched up vulnerable girls whilst masquerading as a holier than thou Christian.

    Put me off geography and religion for life but I think you could reverse the damages Margaret.


  • Hi Flower,

    Thank you for sharing your results with turmeric. I was cancer free for 29 years until 2 1/2 years ago and I had reoccurrence in my spleen. I had my spleen removed and 11 months of Gemzar/ carboplatinum. After that I was in a clinical trial that wasn't working. I am now on tamoxifen and curcumin C3 complex. I take 1160mg 3 times a day. My Ca125 is continuing to go down. I am not sure if it is the combination or only one of them that is working, but I will continue taking them both. I see a gynecological/oncologist/integrated medicine doctor in addition to my regular oncologist.

    Happy Holidays.



  • Hello ladies,

    What a subject to my heart. Recently i have spoken to two ladies who had quiye advanced ocat diagnosis and both have been taking fresh turmeric since their ops and both have had so called miraculous results in shrinkage in their oc. I started to juice fresh turmeric since last week but if there are supplements then great thats even also features in all the anti cancer books i have read so far so maybe there is some prove. Anyway it makes me feel proactive and at the moment i need that as topetecan is not working and my ca 125 is hoovering between 9 and 11 thousand. Weekly taxol is next on the books in new year so any ideas on that will be helpful. I dont write often but always read to see what you all have to say. Hopefully new year will bring many of us good health and good news xxxx

  • Hello Parvin

    I was wondering today how you were getting on. Very sorry the topetecan isn't working, but hopefully the taxolplus turmeric will.

    Love Christine

  • Hi Flower,

    So pleased about your great news, best wishes love x G x :-)

  • Hi! flower. thats great news.i just wondered what grade your cancer is as i am a 3c and just finished 3rd. line treatment in under 3 years.x

  • Hi! Poleglass

    I have no idea what grade it is, I was 2C when first diagnosed but it keeps growing on the same site. Had massive problems in theatre 1st time when they cut through main arteries by accident & also burst the tumour which went through the bloodstream, 2nd time wasn't too good either so they have decided it is too dangerous to operate again & I agree. I'll ask them the next time I visit in February.

    My quality of life is very good at the moment & this is what the Consultant is aiming for.

    Best wishes with hugs xx

  • Hi! parvinc. I just finished 18 weekly taxol 6wks. ago and all my tumours have gone except small one over kidney.It was even a better result than my previous treatment of 3wk. cycles of carbo and taxol.The doctor was amazed at the results. Hope its the same for you.x

  • Im on letrozole too and its working-Ive been on it for about 8 months now and 2 ct scans reveal shrinkage in the residual disease! I too juice and take turmeric and black pepper but am awaiting a delivery of the caps u mention. I need to to check the dosage too. I have been reading about needing a 'Herx reaction' which is like mild flu for 4 days this means the tabs are killing the cancer. Ill try anything. K xx

  • Hi! Sunny

    Nice to hear from you. The tumeric capsules are 2 a day with food. I take mine at breakfast & dinner in the evening. I started on Letrozole in March 2012 & 1st scan at the end of June showed a very minimal decrease & then when I read a blog on tumeric in July I bought the capsules while on holiday & started them right away. The decrease in my tumour on 4th December was brilliant, down from 16x12 to 10x7 & I do believe it was due to the letrozole plus tumeric so I'm still taking them & feeling good. I forgot to tell my consultant in December that I was taking tumeric as my friend & I were so taken aback with the news that we weren't thinking straight. I'm back next month to the consultant & will tell him then.

    Never heard of 'Herx reaction'?? Is it from the tumeric? Please let me know where I can read about this & keep in touch with me & let me know what is happening to you. My consultant spoke to me about Metformin which is taken for diabettes which I don't have, but they are doing trials on it for OC & it is looking good. He says it's only 22p a tablet & could be an option for me when letrozole stops working. Have you heard about this?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Love & hugs

    Iris (flower)

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