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Hello ladies, I wish I had something positive to report, but no good news from me. I'm on my 5th line of chemo, with Topotecan, having passed through taxol+ carbo (twice), Caelyx, then more taxol-carbo (weekly), and this has been going on for almost 4 years. It's now clear that my tumour is platinum resistant, and that is why I moved to Topotecan. But last week's scan shows that it's not working, the existing tumours have grown, and more small ones around the abdomen have come up. It seems that there is nothing else left to try, so my oncologist has put me on Tamoxifen, in the hope of slowing things down. Has anybody had any experience of this?

Thank you for your help and support.


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Have written on your blog

love Marilyn


Hi Francesca,

I can not even begin to tell you how sorry I feel for you.

Re; Tamoxifen and similar drugs. My daughters friend is a nurse in pallative care at the moment in Cambridge and she told my daughter that all brca gene positives will eventually be put on Tamoxifen or similar drugs with a variety of names.

I spoke to my oncologist yesterday about it and she said that if this would reduce my anxiety then it may be worth while however for me it isn`t a matter of life or death right now and because of the risk facters I decided not to go with it. My Breast oncologist told me that in this country it isn`t usually used for anyone other than those who have had breast cancer. However in the states they use it a lot.

That`s all I can tell you I`m afraid, I do know that my cousin is taking it after breast cancer and she has actualy returned back to work while taking it, so her side effects are not so bad.

I know that if I was in your situation I would not hesitate to try anything.

If I hear of anyone who has had this to treat OV cancer then I will of course let you know.

All my best wishes to you with love and a gentle hug xxxxxxxx


Dear Francesco, I am so sorry to hear your news. I hope you receive some useful information, and manage to see this summer come and go. lots of Love Janxxx


Hi every one WHO are taking tamoxifine , i am taking frm last 3 and half yr, thanks God every thing is under control,nt Big sideeffect on me.


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