Tamoxifen maintenance for 0V cancer

Hi Ladies,

Stage 3 OV

Not posted before ,but you ladies have helped me come to terms with a reoccurrence

In June we was really upset it had reoccurred so soon got NED in Nov 15 .

I have just finished Carb/ Taxol 18 weeks but only had 16 due to reaction on my arms

And a hospital stay for infection.

CT scan next Wednesday so keeping fingers crossed CA125 at 22 .

But my Question to you kind ladies is has anyone had tamoxifen for maintenance as my dr has said she will put me on this .

I have been genetic tested and don't have the BRAC 1 /2 genes and p53 muted gene

Thank you.

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  • Sorry can't help with tamoxifen as maintenance but just wanted to wish you well with your ct scan.

    Mandy, xx

  • Thank u x

  • Yes I'm on tamoxifen at the moment, i get results this Friday as to whether it is working to keep things at the same level, and no increase of size, I have heard of ladies who this has worked for so I am being positive, I feel fine just a bit tired and sometimes grouchy.

    Wishing you all the best



  • How long have you been on tamoxifen for?

    Hope all goes well Friday .

    Pauline xx

  • I've only been on it a month, but am hoping to get at least a few months where I don't have to have more chemo.

    Thank you xx

  • Hi,

    I had breast cancer first (now 5 yrs NED) so was already on Tamoxifen which I was due to take for 5 years. After my OC surgery I was classed as post menopausal so I was switched to Letrozole but due to excessive joint pain and being classed as having osteopenia (thinning bones) I asked to switch back to Tamoxifen as it helps protect the bones. After my latest round of treatment we discussed returning to Tamoxifen but my Onc wanted me to try Anastrozole. It's similar to Letrozole but (so far) I haven't had the joint pain (or any noticeable SE's). Their is some evidence that Estrogen levels (in some cases) affect OC and Tamoxifen, Letrozole and Anastrozole help to reduce this. They do work slightly differently in the way the block Estrogen. For BC Tamoxifen is usually given for pre menopausal and Letrozole and Anastrozole for post menopausal. I don't think they've been using it for OC for very long so you may find asking the question on a BC forum gets a better response especially regarding SE's. They can increase the symptoms of menopause (night sweats etc.) but I find taking mine in the evening helps to reduce this. As to whether it's worked/working, I'm still here 4 years on so who knows :-)

    Best wishes


  • Thank you for replying, very interesting I have been reading about Anastrozole I am going to ask my onc on Wednesday about it .

    Pauline x

  • Hi I'm currently taking anastrozole as my oc is estrogen receptive so the hope is it blocks the estrogen so it doesn't feed the tumour, I finished chemo in April then had radio therapy, I have been taking it 2 months now I'm due a scan next month to see what's happening with it so i Will keep you posted x

  • Hi, I have been on Tamoxifen since April. My oncologist recommended it for me as the cancer I have on my lungs feeds off oestrogen, and tamoxifen blocks this. Have been very well to date, with the only real side effect of weight gain. Take the dose at night so any aches and pains will be through the night.

    My last scan revealed that some of the cancer had reduced and some increased slightly.They have told me that they consider me stable at present!! Now wait for end Jan scan!!

    For me Tamoxifen is a better alternative than chemo, which I could never go through again, as prefer quality of life albeit for a shorter time.

    My oncologist tells me that she has some patients who have been on Tamoxifen for up to 7/8 years. Hope this helps Jackie O x

  • I am so pleased it's working for you and your oncologist gives you

    Some encouragement ,mine does not give any !!

    Hope scan goes well in January.

    I certainly will have a lot of questions for her on Wednesday.

    Pauline xx

  • In April 2015 I was diagnosed with primary peritoneal cancer (very similar to ovarian) and after chemo and surgery although the cancer had reduced it wasn't eradicated. So since January 2016 I've been taking Tamoxifen and having 3 monthly checks. It seems to be working for me at the moment. I get hot flushes, but apart from that no real symptoms, apart from tiredness, which I think may be the after effects of the chemo. I've been able to return to work (part-time) and my quality of life is much improved.

  • That's brilliant you have been able to go back to work part time.

    I feel much happy now with the replies and many questions to be ask .

    wishing you well

    Pauline xx

  • I had very little side effects with Tamoxifen, only had a few hot flushes in the beginning, but unfortunately it didn't work for me. Exemestane was the hormone tablet that worked best for me so far. But Tamoxifen obviously helps some ladies, & I hope it helps you. Di

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