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On second cycle of Paclotaxel/Carboplatin for PPC after 7 months clear. started having bad reaction to Carbo so they have stopped it. Recent scan showed that the Paxol seems to be working on its own. I asked about Cisplatin instead and GOOD news, they will keep it for next time (if need be).

This isnt quite the GOOD news I wanted to hear, serves me right for asking! Is anyone else out there in this situation with the taxol and how is it going.

When are the powers that be going to do some research into this type of soft cell cancer, the rate of recurrence and further chemo must cost the NHS a fortune, Where does all the money go that we all give generously to Cancer Research. Is there a lobbying group that I can join and give my considerable expertise and energy to.


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Hello Harley

I have primary peritoneal, and have had four treatments of Carbo/Taxol since July, with a break for operation four weeks ago. Omentum and ovaries (no sign of cancer on ovaries) removed, but have been told the chemo hasn't worked as well as they had hoped and the cancer was more extensive than they thought. My last two chemo treatments will be of Carbo/Caelyx as long as I don't have a bad reaction, starting end of Nov. Can only assume the Taxol is the one which hasn't done it's job. Does seem strange that it can work for one but not another. My oncologist is now talking about adding Avastin to the treatment, but that wont be immediately because of recent op.

I haven't asked how many they have treated with PPC! I like to think they know what they are doing.

Perhaps Cisplatin will be my next chemo if the Caelyx doesn't work.

Sorry, but don't know about any lobby group that might help.


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