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Taxol and fruitgums.

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Every time I have chemo I have fruit gums. Love fruit gums.

Hoping all you lovely ladies are doing ok. I’m always thinking of you all xxx

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Hi I am on 3rd recurrence and just wondered if they keep that nasty taste away! Good luck with your chemo Pam x

Hi Pam. They might do. I just like chewing them while having chemo. Try them.

How are you doing? I’m on my second recurrence so third line. ☹️

Keep positive. Hugs xxxx

I have my 3rd line for 3rd recurrence on Friday, caboplatin only. I am to have a scan after next chemo and if all is well one more chemo then on to a Paro inhibitor for maintenance fingers crossed. Take care Pam xx

Hi Angie. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. I can’t have carbo as I had a bad reaction to it.

Keep positive. Xxx

Loved This! I always have tooty frootys x

Loving it and might try the next Monday for my weekly taxol 😂

Particularly like the photo of them hung from the drip stand 👍

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Suzanne333 in reply to BeeWild

He he. Intravenous fruit gums. I’ll be having mine again next Monday. 👍🏻👍🏻

Hugs xxxx

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BeeWild in reply to Suzanne333

We can be virtual chemo buddies on Monday then Suzanne 😁

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Suzanne333 in reply to BeeWild

Lol. We will be. With our fruitgums. Xxxx

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Yoshbosh in reply to Suzanne333

I like the IV fruitgums too 😁

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Suzanne333 in reply to Yoshbosh

I couldn’t resist putting them up there xxxx

Lol, yes fruit gums and pastilles all the way and for afterwards to get some sort of taste in your mouth. Love your nails BTW. Julia xx

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Suzanne333 in reply to Juleswhee

Can’t beat chewy fruity sweets.

Aww thank you about my nails. They’re staying strong at the moment. I like bright colours. Xxxxx


I thought I was the only one with a Fruit Gum thing!

I am lying in bed looking at the forum with a bag of Fruit Gums by my side.

When I went in the ASDA yesterday they had the bags on special offer for a £1 and I had to restrict myself to just two. What will power!


Hi. Aww I’m glad you love them too. I’m off to Asda tomorrow to buy them up. Lol.

They’re addictive. I like the green, yellow and orange. Not keen on the red and black but I’ll still eat them. Lol 😂

Hugs xxxx

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Boot1947 in reply to Suzanne333

Hi Suzanne, please send me your red and black ones and I'll send you my green, yellow and orange lol! Am addicted - Sainsbury's often have them for £1, instead of £1.30. Deb x

lol Suzanne the packet on the drip stand made me chuckle. Hope yr doing ok 😘

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Suzanne333 in reply to Katmal-UK

Hi Katmal

Lol. I couldn’t resist putting it up there.

I’m ok. Plodding along as we do.

I hope everything is ok with you xxxxx

Yeah im doing ok, feeling bit guilty when so many of the ladies here who I have come to care about are having such a rough/tough time. Just have to keep going I suppose. Shows a lot about the ladies here that a sense of humour can be retained xx Kathy xx

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Suzanne333 in reply to Katmal-UK

I feel a sense of humour is essential with this hideous disease. It still gets so difficult though at times.

Wish I could make everyone better. Xxxx

me too xx bloody disease!

Mine was Kit Kat (more than one). I wouldn't mind but I don't usually eat them. xx

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Suzanne333 in reply to ZenaJ

Hi Zena.

How are you doing? Mmm kit Kats. I’ve not had one for ages. I fancy one now. Xxx

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ZenaJ in reply to Suzanne333

Not so bad thanks Suzanne. I'm into Wispa's at the moment although any chocolate will do. My daughter told me once that I didn't like sweets which I thought was funny as I eat some chocolate every day even if it's a couple of squares from a bar. Then she explained I only eat chocolate and not gummy bears or Haribo etc. She's right and I didn't even realize it. I love cheese as well. I could never be a vegan.

My eating has gone right out the window lately. It must be the weather. I feel bloated all the time. I am eating but probably not as much as I think I am. I lost 4lb at weight watchers last week which is more than I lost when I had a blocked bowel and didn't eat anything. It'll probably pile back on next week. I couldn't go this week. I only go to weight watchers to keep my eye on my weight. I don't need to lose weight but whatever I do I've always got this 'huge' tummy (although my friends say I haven't but they should have gone to spec savers) It ruins the look of my clothes. Still never mind there are much worse things to worry about.

Hugs and special thoughts. xxxx

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Suzanne333 in reply to ZenaJ

Hi Zena.

Wispa bars. I’ve not had one for ages. I could eat one right now. Lol.

Aww I’m sure you’re tummy isn’t big. Mine is. Lol. Bloody hernia.

I’m off my food too. I have lanzoprazole for my hernia but I’m still often sick after eating. I’ve lost a few pounds but nothing drastic. I want to keep strong.

What we bloody go through hey?

Sending you a big hug and a virtual wispa bar. Xxxxxx

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ZenaJ in reply to Suzanne333

I really enjoyed the wispa, thanks.

I think we're going to go through the rest of our lives now with things going wrong that we put down to oc. It's still causing skins problems, aches in my arms (occasionally) and many tummy troubles.

Luckily, we are strong women and push through it. xxx

That made me smile! Your fruit gums against your chemo drugs..😂😂😂

Thinking of you my friend, see you on the 17th. Xxx❤️

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Suzanne333 in reply to Luchie

Hi lovely Luchie.

I do like my fruit gums. He he.

I look forward to seeing you on the 17th too.

Take care. Hugs xxxx

Loving the pics did make me smile! Just started 3rd line carboplatin only so keeping fingers crossed it has an effect! Think I would quite like intravenous M&Ms lol!

Take care, love Jane xx

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Suzanne333 in reply to Katsmum

Mmm. Intravenous m and m’s. That would be nice.

Good luck with third line carbo. I’m on third line taxol only. I’m allergic to carbo.

Sending hugs xxxxx

Nice, 😋

Wine gums or Jakemans honey and lemon for me, especially for Caelyx, but generally all this chemo nonsense seems to have reduced my sweet tooth.....

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Suzanne333 in reply to

I know what you mean. I’ve gone off a lot of foods. Also I have a hiatus hernia and I can’t eat much. I’m often sick after eating. So annoying as I used to love my food. Xxxx

I always ate fruit BonBons when I had a migraine - the really helped. They’re really hard to get these days, not the sugar covered toffee ones, but the indvidually wrapped, cuboid ones with a soft Centre. I suppose I should stock up on them, but (doing lots of superstitious things now), I haven’t had a migraine since Avastin - acupuncture helped too!

Great photos - I had my first Carbo/caelyx yesterday but am not going to say how I feel yet ‘cos I know things can go downhill rapidly. Watch this space!

Love to you Suzanne, Ali x

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Suzanne333 in reply to Alifit

Hi Ali.

Yes I remember the fruit bon bons. Not seen them for a while.

Aww I hope your treatment is going well. I hope things don’t go downhill for you. My friend had carbo and caelyx and did really well on it.

Thinking of you.

Big hugs xxxx

Thank you, Suzanne, anything positive helps! Hope all is as well with you as it can be. Much love, Ali x

Yes I was into fruity things. Lots of Percy pigs and wine gums and fruit tella kept me going. X

Great photo. During chemo I always had aniseed or liquorice gums- that was 2.5yrs ago & funny enough not so keen on them now ☺️

What are Fruit Gums said the New Yorker? Are they like gummy bears Suzanne? Love it hanging from the drip stand. Love your nail polish too! Hope you are getting on OK Suzanne--thinking of you. Sending big hugs, oxox Judy

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Suzanne333 in reply to Maxjor

Hi Judy.

They’re fruity chewy sweets. . Quite firm. I love them.

I’ve got bright green nails today. Lol.

I hope you are doing ok. I’ve got a bit of a backache and my hair has started to fall out (again)

Sending you a big hug xxxxx

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Maxjor in reply to Suzanne333

I do those colors on my toes (my nails are not as pretty as yours--like paper--so soft) except if I have a client thing--then I either hide them or change to a "corporate" kind of color. Have blue nails right now and a client dinner so its closed toes shows for me as no time to re-do them today! What did you decide about your head? Scarves and that beautiful bald look or wigs? I liked that pink one you modeled once. It was you! oxox

Suzanne333 profile image
Suzanne333 in reply to Maxjor

I love blue nail


I like bandanas. I’ve quite a few. All different colours. I coordinate them with what I wear and my nail



Waiting to see how much hair falls out before I shave it. I’m hoping it might just Thin a bit and I can hang onto it but I’m sure I’ll end up looking like a scaly fish again. I do miss my long hair.

Sending you a big hug xxxx

I used to have Randoms, a large hot chocolate and cheddars. It’s a case of whatever it takes 😊. Just love them hanging on the IV stand, good bit of humour there that gave me a chuckle. I hope your taxol is as easy(ish) as mine was. Big hugs, love and lots of fruit gum wishes lovely ❤️Xx Jane

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Suzanne333 in reply to Cropcrop

Hi Jane.

Mmm randoms. I like those. 👍🏻👍🏻

Taxol is going ok. Ive had four now. Having 12 in total. Hair is starting to shed a little.

I hope you are doing ok.

Sending you back very big hugs. Xxxxx

How you doing! And how’s hair! I’m hooked on love hearts lol ! Hope your kicking it’s ass girl 😂 xx

Suzanne333 profile image
Suzanne333 in reply to jools53


I’m ok. Still got hair but it’s shedding a bit.

I didn’t have any fruitgums at chemo today. ☹️I ordered 36 packets off eBay though lol. Hope they arrive soon.

I hope you’re eating loads of love hearts. I like those too.

I hope you’re doing ok.

Sending you a big hug xxxxx

We all say I’m ok! God inside you just can’t move on, why is it some do so well and others don’t? There’s got to be a miracle soon or at least an end to killing this disease!😘😘

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