Blood platelets low couldn't have chemo

Was in for chemo today got bloods taken when they came back all my bloods were good except platelets were low have to go back Friday for new blood test to see if I can have chemo next Monday

It's really frustrating as I have been responding well to treatment and ca marker is falling now they are saying they might reduce level of chemo drug if they do will it still be as affective in fighting the cancer

Any advice or help would be great

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  • Hi, my platelets were low twice during chemo, each time when I had to go back the following week, they were ok then and I had the chemo a week late each time. Apparently platelets can be low because the bone marrow is sluggish during chemo, but also can repair itself quickly which it did both times with me, chemo still worked well then. All the best.

    Love Kaz x x

  • Hi, I have weekly chemo as part of a trial and have problems with platelets, they havent delayed my chemo yet, but from sunday I have to have injections, they want me to try and do them:( they said this will help my platelets, maybe you will be offered that, I can find the name of them if you like?

    Take care

    Andrea x x

  • Hi! Ande, I would be interested in the name of the injections as I have damaged bone marrow & very low platelets. OC back for the 3rd time but can't do anything for me, ie surgery or chemo due to this so I have been on Letrozole for 1 yr & 8 months & it is keeping my tumour stable at the moment. It will stop working at some point & then I'm running out of options. I'm in my 16th year with OC so have done well & wish to stay well. Would be interested in the information so I can speak to my Professor at next appointment & I see my heamotoligist in December & will speak to him as well.

    Kind regards


  • Hi flower,

    So sorry to hear what a tough time you are having, it is an evil disease! I had a stage 2 oc removed in August an am currently part of a trial having weekly taxol, three weekly carbo, my platelets are very low the test me twice a week , so far they have just lifted enough for chemo to continue, the injections im having are filgrastim 300 micro grams, might be worth mentioning to see if the can help you,

    Take care

    Andrea x x

  • hi kat. my white blood cell count was too low at 1.4 to safely proceed to chemo and I was postponed for a wk but when I went back they had dropped again to 1.3 and stabilised at that resulting in my gap between chemo on that occasion going from 4 wks (due to the Aug bank hol) to 8 wks in total. they went from 1.5 on the Monday to 1.7 on the wed of chemo. my chemo was reduced by 25% but I was advised that I was still within the optimum treatment levels for me. don't worry if they reduce your dose, the cons know what they are doing. hope this helps. take care. Ann

  • Hi, my chemo was cut by 20% before the third treatment - as a result of a misunderstanding! I said I had been tired for 3 days after Christmas, my oncologist thought I said that I had been tired for 3 weeks!!! Despite that boo-boo, I am still cancer free nearly 4 years later (this happened in Dec 09).

    Generally speaking, reductions of chemo are commonplace. If you trust your oncologist, go with what s/he recommends. If you don't, ask for a 2nd opinion, and demand that the chemo is not reduced until your 2nd opinion confirms that the reduction is a good idea. Best, Vicky xxx

  • It's so frustrating when that happens and it makes it so difficult to plan the rest of your life. You have my sympathy! I'm on my 3rd lot of chemo and they all seem to get to different bits of the blood! The first one (FEC) was the worst chemo but I managed to keep to schedule and dose, though it was a close run thing. The second one (carboplatin) was a bit of a nightmare and ended up taking 23 weeks instead of 18. This was down to neutrophils and/or platelets (mainly) being too low, possibly contributing to a dental flair up which needed to be treated before they could continue the chemo. I had 2 lots of blood transfusions. And two lots of dose reduction. The onc was pretty laid back about the impact reducing the dose would have. I'm now on carbotaxol and have just had the 3rd cycle. This time around I've been injecting myself with G-CSF which is designed to boost the white blood cells. Seems to be working well for the platelets but the WBC and neutrophils are creeping down. I'm increasing this from 7 days in the cycle to 10 this cycle and keeping fingers and toes crossed that it keeps them up enough.

    This is probably more info that you need, but I hope it shows you you're not alone - it's a well-trodden path and there are options.

    Really hope you can go ahead next week - keep us posted.

    Best wishes Chrisx

  • Yes this happened to me so annoying time booked out etc. they even had the bl--dy cannula in then told me still only took a few more days for bloods to be ok again sure you will be the same take care love Jenny xx

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