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Here I am, a bit sore but hale and hearty! I went down to surgery at 3.30 on Friday afternoon and woke up in Recovery at 5.30. Was sent to the ward, woke at 7.30, again at 9.30 ready to phone round! Where is my bag and phone? Oh dear this is G1 and bags went to ESA! So did my salad, fruit and coffee! Nice nurse made me a cup of tea and toast (no food since 7.30 AM!) finally got bags but never got my food until I was on the way home on Sat AM. I was up at 6AM, dressed by 8 and phoning for the TAXI by 9.30. I now have to wear glam anti embolism stockings for 6 weeks. In my rush to get home I forgot them so rang the chemist to buy some! They cost £8 each! And would not be available for at least a week so my sister took me back to the hospital to colect the ones I forgot!

My arm is quite mobile so I should be driving again by tomorrow. I have one boob covered in pink rubber waterproof - a sort of half madonna bra without the sexy overtones. It may be waterproof on the outside but I sweat so much that it is coming off so I have stuck it down with elastoplast for my shower today.

I cooked dinner for my sister and her husband last night and the only ill effect from the op seems to be a runny nose and the sneezes which I attribute to the overnight oxygen tubes, and the need to call the nurse every two hours in the night to disconnect the massage tubes on my legs so I could get to the loo.

Just in case I have picked up a cold I went to bed last night with a tot of rum, a spoonful of honey and the juice of half a lemon in hot water with my paracetemol for the discomfort and slept like a baby!

After the last three years this is a mere bagatelle! The radio therapy won't start until the end of February!

Good luck to you all!


Margaret xxxxxx

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  • So good to hear from you , Margaret, as usual making unpleasant experiences sound funny. Just keep on making rude signs to the s**t life throws at you and you'll be fine.

    Love and hugs

    Linda xxx

  • Hi Margaret,

    Glad it wasn't as awful as it could have been- your description of your food getting lost made me laugh-it's always like that isn't it!

    Hope you continue to make a good recovery and keep us informed.

    I wish I had half your bravery and ability to be so stoic.

    Take care.

    Anne x

  • Dear Margaret

    Glad you got through it all and can still laugh!

    You really are an inspiration to us all, just keep on making us laugh.

    Take care

    Love Linda xx

  • Hi Margaret,

    So glad that that is now behind you (for at least a little while) and that you still have your sense of humour, I was thinking of you especially last weekend (Sat) when I went to York to take my granddaughter back to uni.

    Sending you love and best wishes x G x :-)

  • Dear Margaret ...

    So glad to hear you are hale and hearty !

    Have been wondering how it it went on Friday and bet you have a had a right old giggle with the madonna look alike pink water proof boob covering ....

    Onwards and upwards Margaret .....

    Take good care now xx

    Love Jan xxx

  • Hi Jan,

    Call me paranoid."BUT" are you stalking me ? haha :-/ ;-) 8-)

  • You must be typing at the same time as me ...

    Friday evening was just about to text my friend Joy and she rang me .... spooky or what ........

    Love J xxxx

  • You must be typing at the same time as me ...

    Friday evening was just about to text my friend Joy and she rang me .... spooky or what ........

    Love J xxxx

  • Thanks to everyone for your good wishes! I feel quite a fraud as the only effect seems to be loss of feeling in my upper arm and a bruised feeling in the boob!

    The belvia bra (bought on advice from my sis as it does not require fastening) is doing a good job holding the dressing in place and I am contemplating going for a walk.

    Tomorrow I shall drive to Morrisons to buy water! The cheapo fizzy kind!

    Love M xxxxxxx

  • Lovely to hear from you Margaret and glad to hear it went well - other than the food that is. You do so make us all laugh 'madonna bra without the sexy undertones' love it :D :D :D


  • Especially unsexy now bits of it are hanging off! LOL!

  • So glad to hear from you, Margaret! Also joining my wishes to all the others for a good recovery. I'm full of admiration for how you cope with all of this with a giggle, a smile and a fun outlook! I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself with a headache all day, you just gave me the kick up the **** that I deserve! ;-)

    Love n hugs

    Wendy xx

  • Dear Wendy - I'm sorry you weren't well yesterday, and read in another thread that you've suffered with migraine for many years. That must be awful. I hope you're feeling better today. xx

  • Nice to hear that you managed to rationalise going straight for a nip of booze, Margaret! Seriously impressed with your sheer irrepressibility, it isn't everyone who could see the lighter side of all this. Glad you are home - get better in comfort while you await the next bit.


    Sue xxx

  • Dear Margaret, I've been wondering how you've been getting on. You're a miracle making light of all this but I've come to expect little else from you. I get you gave them a roundaround in the hospital looking for your salad leaves, fruit and coffee - ha ha. Good for you.

    It sounds as though you're making an extraordinary recovery. Besides all the banter and joking it's still not a process anyone would wish to go through so I'm sending loads of love for your continued recovery.

    Entertaining a day after leaving hospital! Margaret you leave me speechless! I agree with Sue. Impressed you took yourself to bed with a little rum, lemon, hot water and honey. Can't think of a better nightcap!

    Take care. Take it easy!!!

    love Annie xxxx

  • Hi Margaret glad to hear your surgery went ok and you are doing well albeit the little mishsps, keep up the positive energy



  • Hi Margaret, lots of hugs- but not too hard!



  • Well done. Thinking of you, Cx

  • Hi Margaret,

    I just want to say how AMAZING you are. I have only been a member if this forum for a little while posting my first comments last week but i have read quite a few of your posts and you are truly inspiring!! Keep up the battle and the humour.

    MB x

  • Hi Margaret

    Glad to hear the op went ok- still imaging the lopsided Madonna look!!!!!

    Hope you are felling ok today.


    Anne xxx

  • Hi Margaret

    Welcome back, you have been missed! Well done for still being able to laugh at it all. Bit annoying that your luggage went astray. It does seem to happen a lot, patient in one ward, personal effects in another.

    Hope you enjoy wearing the glam stockings (why can't they do them in black?) and the Madonna bra. I wore the stockings for the 8+ weeks I had the catheter because they stayed put and it stopped me ruining other hosiery and I didn't like the feel of the bag against my bare leg. My consultant also reminded me that a glass of red wine a day can help keep the clots away :)

    Very sensible to take the Hot Toddy as a preventative measure. Hope it keeps the cold away and that everything continues ok.

    Love Mary xx

  • My first comment, though I have been reading the site for a little while for the support it gives. Just so pleased to hear that you are doing so well - onward and upward to the spring.

  • Hope to get to know you more soon Nofolkgal. xxx Annie

  • Thanks Annie, I will get myself organised soon

    Sheila x

  • Sounds like a n interesting visit to the hospital Margaret. someone mentioned Manuka honey to me for fending off colds, although I think the dryness of hospital makes these cold symptoms appear.

    Glad your doing okay

    LA xx

  • You could be right there Lily Ann! I put it down to the oxygen tubes.I take manuka honey anyway as it is a great antiseptic and booster of the immune system. My sis had manuka honey dressings on her wound after the ripped Achilles' tendon as she acquired MRSA. It also tastes quite good on toast ! LOL

  • Welcome back Margaret have been chuckling about your Madonnaesque look and your rock chick hot toddy- well done you, made me feel guilty after sitting here in my dressing gown all morning after my chemo yesterday but am going to shift and go out for a walk.

    Great that you are doing so well

    Love and hugs Amanda x

  • what is wrong with sitting around in a dressing gown? It has snowed again here and still is though it does not seem to be sticking! Last night I replaced the hot toddy with Charbonnell et Walker hot chocolate because I did not drink the toddy on Sunday night. I make it on water but it is delicious pure chocolate! and no nasty after taste!

  • Glad everything went ok. What an inspiration you are. Can't add anything more than already has been said. Love and hugs Chris x

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