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Yea after a bit of a marathon at the chemo ward today where my oncologist forgot to prescribe my weekly taxol and is on holiday so nobody could contact him, his team went awol so they couldn't contact them either, I have finally finished 18 weeks of Weekly Taxol thanks to a very determined chemo nurse, she was on a mission to get me to finish, she was fab and she accomplished her mission!!

I have my CT scan this Sunday then no more hospital until results on 19th August, can't wait for our holiday for 10 days to have a break from treatment for a bit!!!!

Feeling very relieved and happy tonight 😀

Wishing everyone positive vibes



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  • Woohoo Karen! 👍🏖⛱🌞

    Enjoy your holidays and long may the happy feelings last!!!

    Onwards and Upwards!!


  • Thanks D xx

  • Hi Karen, what a relief, enjoy your holidays and forget about all things medical for the next few weeks, wishing you well

  • Hi Suzuki thank you yes looking forward to no blood test no treatment for a while yea!!!! Thank you xx

  • Karen, Fantastic that you've finished, thankfully, your 18 weeks!. Have a great holiday - we've just had ten days away in our caravan and my husband and I really enjoyed our escape. We seemed to have so many problems and were both feeling pretty stressed out. Five days in the Cotswalds and five days in the Chilterns on two lovely little campsites that only take five caravans at a time. The peace did us the world of good, even though having plenty of rain to begin with. Came home today and can't wait to see all the family again.

    Hoping you get good scan results, love Solange. 😊

  • Thank you Solange, the Cotswalds is beautiful glad you had some peace and down time despite the weather, it's good to get away from everything!

    Enjoy seeing your family


    Karen xx

  • You just don't need hassle like that do you and all credit to your nurse for perseveringly so you could finish. Have a fab holiday xxx


  • Thanks Clare, no I agree it's very stressful xx

  • Phew! Have a fab holiday. Xx

  • Glad your treatment is finished it's such a relief isn't it, now go relax and forget it all! Have a fab holiday x

  • Thank you Vonny1969 xx

  • My oncologist forgot a prescription once and had to come in on a day off. Enjoy your holiday.

  • Enjoy your well-earned holiday xx

  • Sounds like a good plan,stick the c-word on the back burner and you go have a good time girl! Xxx

  • Thank you xx

  • Have a lovely holiday Karen. You certainly deserve it. Take care


  • Thank you xx

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