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Went for my debulking op today, told yesterday over the phone that my admission time had moved from 7.30 to 10.30 kinda pleased but was a little suspicious. Any way me and hubbie sat there until 4.00 only to be told that my op had been cancelled as their was no ICU bed available due to an emergency. To say I am gutted is an understatement! I have been so stressed out over having the op this past week that I really have felt physically sick, now I will have to go through it all again! but god knows when!!

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Was thinking if you today Lyn , So sorry it didn’t happen after all the stress this causes , hopefully they will fit you in soon xxJuliaxx

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Thank you Julia I hope so too. Lyn xx

Argh what a bummer, Lyn. Hopefully The surgery will be rescheduled soon and icu beds available. Better this way though than having the op and no bed. Hugs, Maus.

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Hello Maus - yes a friends sister was left in a corridor for hours after major surgery, how terrifying would that have been! Lyn xx

Oh Lyn!! Well...another night in your own bed, with your own home comforts.

I wonder when it’ll be?

I never went to ITU (they said I didn’t need to. Not sure why?). All my ‘stuff’ went there though & it was ages before it came to me on the Ward 😯

Don’t worry, it’ll all get sorted. Let us know.

Linda xoxo

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Thank you Linda, I am hoping I get some positive news tomorrow. Lyn xx

Sorry Lyn....awful for you ❤️

I should imagine the op will be rescheduled quickly but it must be such a worry and so frustrating for this to happen.

Fingers crossed it's very soon so you don't have much time to dwell on it.

I cant imagine how upset and stressed you both are, I hope you made this known before you went home. It is just so frustrating, hope you hear from them fairly soon

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The admin manager and ICU matron both appeared and I let them know how unhappy I was, they both empathised but said that emergencies take priority. My annoyance stems from the fact that I think I was dragged in on the off chance that they may be able to go ahead, on arrival they didn't even get me to change into a gown etc, just went through the motions and said when they had heard what time I would go down they would get me ready then. They rung me yesterday and changed the admission from 7.30 to 10.30, cant help thinking that they already knew then that there was a chance the op would not happen. Lyn xx

If only these people could be put in our shoes. The waiting is worse than the operation. Hope you get rescheduled very quickly.

I was told the surgeon would have to check his diary, in the mean time he would discuss having more chemo while I wait for an appointment. I feel as if I have taken 4 steps forward and 6 back. Lyn xx

Oh what a shame Lyn, you must have been all physched up for the op and then so let down! I hope they can re-schedule you very soon and you can get sorted and move on with your recovery. I didn’t go to ICU after my debulking and it’s not always necessary i believe?

Keep us posted and I’m hoping your surgery is back on track really soon, fingers crossed and big hugs,

Liz Xx 💖

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Thank you Liz fingers crossed. Lyn xx

So sorry you have had this infuriating set back. I guess you had put lots of plans into place and had the stomach clearing drink the day before, which is quite a thing in itself. I do hope it is rescheduled quickly for you. Xx

Hi lyn1987

My surgery was also cancelled after sitting in the waiting area for 8 hours. Different reason (previous patient op had taken longer than anticipated and they felt it was not safe for the surgical team to start mine). It was so deflating after sitting there stressed for so long.

I was rescheduled for the following week and assured that cancellation is unusual but a second cancellation would not happen as it wouldnt be fair. I was so relaxed in the waiting area second time around that I slept most of the time!!

You are told after several hours of stress that you have to go through it all again at a later date. It is crushing. Though I must admit the nurse stood behind me with tea and toast was very welcome.

The surgery will happen soon and you shouldn’t be cancelled a second time.

Hi Lyn, I hope they get their act together quickly..Take care Lorraine xx

So sorry your op never went ahead.

I was never in ICU- in fact I was in a bed furtherest away from the nurse's station but had a fantastic night nurse.

Hope they can sort the problem soon xxx

There is nothing worse than that dead time waiting for something to happen in a hospital, and the let-down is enormous if you don't get what you were expecting. They've got to make sure things are safe for you, though. Hope you can treat yourself to something nice at home to take your mind off it. xx

This is so cruel - and no doubt you had nothing to eat or drink for hours. Hoping you are sorted very soon.

How distressing Lyn!

I hope things will be put in place soon and all goes ahead smoothly.

Stay strong.

Sending hugs

Joy x

I hope you have your operation soon as you need to be given the best chance of recovery.My time was bought forward for my operation when I arrived at 7am on the morning i was told that they would operate even though there was no ICU bed available.I was rather concerned but the surgeon said they would just keep me in recovery.However I was taken to ICU afterwards.

This is the worst, so stressful. When it happened to me - almost a year ago to the day - they did everything they could to re-arrange, including not letting me leave the hospital (you are a priority if you are occupying a bed). I was eventually rescheduled for the Sunday with several staff members forgoing their day off for me, I'm eternally grateful.

Mind you, to get this special service I had to previously go through being opened up then re-stitched without surgery .....because there was no ICU bed for me! A bit late to discover that one.

We go through a lot.

Oh no poor you that is terrible! There really is someone worse off!! Glad you get your operation sorted eventually. Take Care Lyn xx

Hi Lyn. Oh, so not ok and I am so sorry this happened to you. So stressful and waste of time. I'm glad you let them know how unhappy you were about it. Hope its rescheduled soon and maybe let them know what happened the 1st time so they do the operation when they say they will. I know these things happen but still upsetting. Hugs from Oz.

Oh Lyn! I am so sorry. Jeez, just a few hour wait before surgery is excruciating let alone one where uncertainty is added. I hope you can get back on that particular horse very soon. Hugs, Jill

When I had my bloods done at Hammersmith hospital yesterday, the guy who took the blood was telling me that St. Mary's at Paddington was now very seriously understaffed (much of it due to Brexit, apparently) and he'd met at least 6 women who's various cancer related surgeries had been cancelled - one poor soul got there at 6 am on 3 different occasions only to be sent home at lunchtime with no surgery. I can''t imagine this problem with staffing isn't affecting other hospitals, but I'm intrigued by the ICU thing - I was told by Queen Charlottes I would be in in ICU for a while after my debulking surgery initially. After the surgery, I discovered they actually don't have an ICU - turns out it just means you're kept in the recovery room for whatever length of time they deem necessary. I do wonder what happens to those poor souls who actually might need ICU care...

Fingers crossed you get your surgery soon...

I think if it happens to me twice more I will throw in the towel, I wondered if yesterday was a sign, but everything I read says debulking, especially if like me you have cancer detected in the omentum, coupled with chemo is the best possible treatment. so will hopefully get a new date soon......jumping through the roof every time the phone rings!!

Ugh Lyn! How NOT good. And I was thinking you probably had to "prep" and then you have to do that again? ! Double ugh! But hopefully it will be very soon--they must think about the mental part along with the physical. Hope you keep us posted. Bug them if you don't get a rescheduled date soon-those other patients can't stay in there forever! oxox

I am so sorry lyn I hope that the new date will be soon. A big hug to.you.. nancy

I couldn’t go down to theatre until a HDU bed was available because of my other complications but it’s worth having that stand by ready not everybody needs it, I actually did, but it’s always best the have everything in place just in case and emergencies are always a priority which is rubbish for you but necessary for some poor person needing the theatre . I know it’s disappointing or you but you will get there. ❤️Xx Jane

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