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Another cyst!

In Feb 2010 it was discovered that I had a giant cyst on my left ovary and had it removed via keyhole surgery. 7 litres of fluid was drained from the cyst and it was chopped up to get it out. Path came back as mucinous ovarian tumour of low grade and my consultant told me I would not need any additional treatment.

Since then I have had lots of general abdo tenderness. I pushed for a CT last year and nothing was found which was a great relief. Since then I have kept going, tired and worried but was made to feel that it was all in my head, which made me worry more that I was going mad!

The coil was meant to be the answer to my prayers! It was in a way, the first fell out within 24 hours, the second landed me in A &E and an urgent ultrasound which showed something on my womb, the same something that was there in March and a 10cm mass on my right ovary. They tell me it is a simple cyst and nothing to worry about but I am not reassured. I have to wait 4 wks for surgery. They didn't ultrasound the left side of my abdo where the chronic pain is!

I am not sure if I am a fraud registering a blog, I might just be an anxious patient!

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Hi, ur case sounds like mine, I had a huge cyst and when it was removed it was found to be a mucinous tumour and I had the ovary removed, my other ovary was left alone as i want a family and I have a simple cyst on that ovary, I also get really anxious and worry a lot, I had carboplatin chemo after my surgery as a precaution. I've never spoken to anyone whos had a mucinous tumour before, your not alone, I'm constantly worrying and needing reassurance, I'm sure the doctors know what they are doing and will do whats best for you, x


Hi Hayley,

Thank you for your message of reassurance. It is lovely to hear your story, well at least a bit of it! It was also nice to see that even younger people than me have been through this. Can I ask do you get any pain from adhesions? I have been experiencing chronic pain three months post surgery and it never lets up!

It would be nice to hear more of your story sometime.



You are not a fraud. If you feel that something is not right, it possibly isn't, but I know how long a 4 week wait can be. Can you ring your consultant's secretary and ask if you will be eligible for a cancellation at short notice, explaining how worried you are? If not, use the wait for preparing for the op, maybe take arnica to minimise bruising and build yourself up with good nutrition (see earlier threads on here via the search box, there's loads of good advice on ones on eating well and staying positive). The good thing is that your case is being investigated and if there is need for further treatment, they will probably be able to start it early in your diagnosis, particularly if you have already had treatment for linked problems. All the best,

Wendy xx


Thank you for your support and practical suggestions. x


I also have mucinous tumors. I grew a massive football sized cyst in April 2010 that ruptured prior to surgery. I was told it was borderline mucinous and went onto to have a total hysterectomy a few months later as I had 2 children already- I was 32 then. I did not have chemo as everyone said it was not indicated. I even got a second opinion on my patholgy from the Royal Marsden. So I was told not to worry and belived all would be well.

However! My ca 125 began to rise (I was having 3 monthly monitoring) and I started to get pain. To cut a long story short I had debulking surgery in August this year which removed mulitple tumors from my peritoneum, ometum, bowel and there were inoperable sites on my liver and spleen. I was told this time in was invasive cancer not borderline- there seems to be some doubt as to whether my orginal tumor was borderline or not. so I'm in the middle of chemo right now. Still shell shocked but coping with help of my family.

I wasn't sue whether to post my story but I wanted to emphasised how carefully you need to be and insist on regular monitoring and follow up any new symptoms. I think it is wrong to say the new cyst is nothing to worry about if you have already grown a mucinous tumor on the other ovary! I would push for a constrast CT to be done. Are you being operated on by a oncologist gynacologist rather than a regualar gyn doctor?


Thank you for your support and encouragement. I hope everything works out for you and your family. Thank you for telling me your story to help me.



Hi again, just answering your questions, I do get the odd niggly pain but I had three ops in six months so I more than likely have adhesions, i also have a period every month so get the usual monthly pains, I think its best to remember that everyone and every case is individual, sometimes reading other stories can scare you but I have every faith in my doctor and heis keeping an eye on my ovary with ultrasound, a cyst develops on the ovary every month when we ovulaye which is completely normal, I wish u lots of luck and im sure they will do what is right for you, xxx


Hi there

I am so sorry to hear that at such a young age you are facing all of this.Of course you are not a fraud , you are facing surgery , poor wee thing.

It seems cruel to make you wait for 4 weeks , so I would certainly agree with Wendy's excellent suggestion that you call the doctors and let them know that you are available earlier etc.

How daft to say that it's nothing to worry about . For sure most cysts are just that but you had a previous scare, so of course you are worried.

Was you previous mass a low grade invasive cancer , a borderline cancer or a benign cyst ? I also had a large borderline mucinous tumour chopped out in January 2010. I was told after an MRI scan that it was just a simple cyst , then months after the operation it was confirmed that it was a borderline tumour.

I do hope all goes well for you and do please let us all know.

Sending you a big hug

Charlie xxx


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