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Borderline cyst

Hello ladies,

I had surgery in january and a borderline cyst was removed as well as uterus, ovaries and omenctum. They didn't find any cells on what they removed, they made a washing and nothing was found. However, I am scared and I would like to know if there is any risk that another borderline cyst could appear. I also wonder how could an ovarian cyst come back if I don't have ovaries nor uterus anymore? Do you think this could happen again of this nightmare is over for me?

Thanks for your answers.

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Hello. It sounds as though you need to ask the gynae team or your GP if they're not available. I don't see how the cyst could come back if there's no ovarian tissue but I'm no expert.


Hello LesleyGreengran,

I am worried because my doctor said that I should have a control after 5-6 months. But since I have not anymore uterus, nor ovaries, nor omenctum I wonder why I should have control if everything is ok. I feel well, I am very fit but sometimes I wonder if a borderline cyst is a cancer or is not because sometimes I read that borderline cysts are cancers of low malignity. The word cancer scares me and I know that cancer can come back. This is the reason why I am so worried and the more the date of the post operatory control approaches the more I am scared.


Hi, I'm not sure if you've found it yet but Ovacome do what I think is a really good fact sheet about Borderline cysts... Also, I know there is a closed FAcebook group specifically for women who have had these. I'm sorry I don't know it's name but hopefully you can easily find it, or someone else can help...? Best wishes Sx


Thanks Sunfleury. I haven't found yet but I will take a look in Facebook. I am very worried because after my surgery and having removed everything they said I didn't need chimio and now I need a control. Control to see what? Do they think I may have something else? and in this case why they said I didn't need chimio after the surgery? Biopsy was good, nothing else was found in what they removed. So I say again why another control?


I'm really not sure what a 'control' means? Are you in the UK? Best wishes, Sxx


The doctor wants to make a checkup again to see if everything is ok. Why? He removed ovaries, uterus, omenctum, made a biopsy of everything and nothing was found. What does he wants to look at now? He said I was vaccinated against uterus and ovarian cancer because I didn't have those anymore. What does he wants to see?


Sorry, I'm still not sure I understand. .. is the consultant arranging a scan to act as control or is he proposing to do investigative surgery?? The scan would make sense and can be a useful tool. I haven't heard of anyone's surgeon wanting to go back and look inside. ..

At my follow ups I gave blood tests, and internal examination & if any concerns are raised, then a CT or Ultrasound scan. My consultant did though want scans to act as a baseline once all the treatments were completed...

My suggestion would be to write down l of your questions & concerns and then go through them when you next see your Consultant.

Best wishes, Sx


Thanks for your reply. I think why my Dr. said I could never have an ovarian or uterus cancer because everything was removed, and now few months after he wants to make a check up. I imagine he wants to do an ultrasound and see if he sees something. But this is contradictory because he was very happy that no cysts cells were found, and that he removed everything. Now I think that if I had this once I could have it again and I have the feeling that they didn't tell me the truth.


Ah, ok I think I understand a bit better. All of us have worries and anxieties before check-ups as we think 'what if...?', it does though get easier as time goes by especially when you know what to expect from them.

It is standard practice to have these follow-up checks. How often and what they involve depends a lot on you as an individual as well as the preferred protocol of the hospital / consultant. The further away from diagnosis, the less frequent they become and certainly with a Borderline, you may well find that having had this meeting, you won't routinely be called back. You have though had some major surgery and it's good (however worrying) that the doctor wants to make sure that you are ok. This meeting is a really good opportunity to get some answers to all those questions that are niggling in the back of your mind. Do write them down though!

Wishing you hope and strength xx


Thanks Sunfleury for your answer. I cannot believe this happened to me, I cannot believe my surgery was a major one. I am very lucky because I recovered in a few days. Four days after surgery I took a 9 hours flight and felt very well. The only thing I wanted and the only thing I want now is to forget those bad moments. I am aware I am very lucky! Thanks for your good words!


It all takes a little time though- the fact that it was borderline and operated completely is really good. That you've recovered from the operation is great news. This follow up is another step forward and hopefully, your Dr will be able to check that everything has healed well internally and answer any questions you have so you can carry on getting on with your life!

Take good care of you, Sx


Hi, from what you have said, your team have not found any cancer cells, but they are going to make sure that the little b's didn't hide, and they are doing a "belt and braces" job to make absolutely sure. It sounds like your team have got everything in hand, but why don't you have a word with them if you are worried.


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It means that it was not sure that everything was removed. After surgery they said it was great nothing was found, they removed everything. They said I didn't have cancer but borderline and now they behave like if I have cancer! I am loosing confidence! Of course I prefer they check a lot, but I would have preferred that since the begining they had told me that it looked like everything was ok but that we had to wait and see. I thought this was a nightmare that was behind me and now it seems that maybe it's not. At least I was very lucky because there are many worse cases than mine.

Thanks for your answer... :)


I have never heard of being vaccinated against ovarian or uterine cancer.What do they mean by that?

Take care x




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