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? Ultrasound Report - 4.2cm cyst containing irregular heterogenous component with thin septum on enlarged ovary ?

Help, what does this all mean?

Went for a pelvic ultrasound scan last Wednesday afternoon due to horrible bleeding and pain. Was asked to return the following afternoon, Thursday, for 2nd pelvic ultrasound as she couldn't see what she wanted to, had both TA & TV scan. The Sonographer was lovely, super kind and caring on 2nd visit despite all the pushing and pressing she had to do (couldnt find left ovary).

Got phone call from GP first thing on the Friday morning, which shocked me as it was very late on the Thursday when I left the hospital. Told me I needed to see a consultant as they had found a cyst on my right ovary that was 'a little bit odd' and had walls plus something inside it.

Hospital phoned me on the Monday morning asking me to attend clinic on the Tuesday which I refused as alarm bells were starting to ring. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and this was very similar in speed (still under observation but no treatment, all clear now).

So I went to hospital yesterday afternoon and saw the consultant who was very matter of fact but didnt give me very much information at all. She said they have found a type of cyst that they do worry about, it might be dermoid but they can't tell from the ultrasound, and she couldn't give me anymore information until they have taken a look at it under a camera and done a biopsy. She sent me off to get CA125, HCG, & AFT bloods done and told me she would talk to me after the laparoscopy, after the MDT meeting - when all the team would review my scans, bloods and whatever information they got from the biopsy. She said I would have the biopsy done in the next couple of weeks.

Then this morning the hospital phoned to say my consultant is now on holday until Tuesday 30th August and then her list is full for a week so they will contact me again in September when they have her availability!

Im confused! Should I be worried about all this? Seems very fast (not complaining at all, so far its been amazingly quick) to be nothing to worry about. But it all has echoes of when i was diagnosed with breast cancer. I havent spoken to any friends or family yet as they had enough stress before. What do you all think? Something or nothing?

Ultrasound report:-

Cyst measures 42x40x37mm (not typical in appearance)

Bulky uterus 9.5x5x6cm

Myometrium heterogenous

Endometrium normal and measures 2.6mm

Right ovary enlarged vol=36cc with cyst containing irregular heterogenous component 28x24x28mm, on a thin septum, no vascularity was noted within. These appearances most likely to represent a complex ovarian cyst ? dermoid ? however an underlying sinister pathology cannot be excluded.

Left ovary cannot be seen.

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Hi there, I'm not sure I can help but I just wanted to say welcome & im sorry you find yourself in this situation. The ladies here are fantastic & im sure some sound advice will be winging its way to you shortly but in the meantime I just wanted to wish you well & good luck for your upcoming investigations. It's always a scary time. Jemima xx

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It is a scary time as you don't know what's happening. My first meeting and experience was very similar to yours so I empathise with all of your thoughts and feelings. Once you have a definitive diagnosis it becomes easier. Ultrasound scans are often not clear and lead to further test to get overall picture which is then discussed at mdt meetings. All designed to give you best treatment possible. Good luck with result wishing you all the best.

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Hi, I'm not an expert but based on what I know (and what my mum tells me as she is a mcmillan nurse!) sounds like it's the appearance,which has raised the concern. Could well be a harmless dermoid, but as you know if it's not, it's great your getting it dealt with quickly. Even if the cells aren't normal, might not be full blown cancer so try to stay positive.

What ever the result, feel free to vent and share here, it does help! Deep breath and stay away from Google!! Fingers crossed for you x

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Thank you ladies. I got a letter yesterday with an appt next Saturday for a hysteroscopy. Not quite sure why as consultant said laparoscopy but I guess they are just getting as many results together as possible before making a diagnosis.


Quick update - had hysteroscopy and biopsy but consultant said everything looked ok with the camera. CA125 and other bloods came back within normal range. Consultant suggested a watch and wait approach with the ovary but she is taking my results to the MDT meeting for a shared decision because of my previous history with breast cancer. Saw GP yesterday who said they are waiting for the decision from the GYnae MDT meeting but it is probable they will remove the ovary. But fingers crossed it is just a precautionary. Thank you for allowing me to post my worries on here.


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