Ovary dermoid cyst

Hello and a big hug to everyone,

I'm 40 years old and I'm very worried the last few days... 2 months ago, I had a U/S and the doctor found a dermoid cyst (at least he believes it is so...) in my left ovary about 2cm and a CA125 18, then after a month the cyst increased to 3,74cm and the CA125 was 28, and the next month the cyst was about 5cm but I haven't got the CA125 test yet. My OB/GYN told me that I have to have a surgery and remove the whole ovary... I've asked and searched around about this and some doctors say it has to done laparoscopically and not remove the ovary, while others say that it is safer to remove the whole ovary. I trust my gyn, because he was my doctor when I gave birth to both of my kids, plus he had saved my life once, when I was pregnant for a third time and I didn't really know it, and by the time I realized it, I had septic blood accumulated in my uterus and almost died. I lost the baby, but he saved my life. So, I trust him... but still, I'm so worried... is he right? Is it logic what he says? I don't ask for a diagnosis, but just your opinion would be great... (sorry for my english, not a english native speaker).

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  • Your English is great! If you trust your Gyn, I would go with his advice.

    I'm not medically trained, but I do go with the advice of my experts if it makes sense.

    The ladies will give you lots of advice, but it sounds like you are in good hands,

    Best wishes,

    Carole xx

  • Thank you so much for your reply! I have the same opinion as you... probably I need a confirmation for this decision. Thanks a lot again!

  • Hi there - I was diagnosed with a dermoid cyst aged 40, it was due to be done by laparoscopy but they couldn't detach the cyst and so opened me up and took out the whole ovary too. I would get the whole ovary out as soon as possible. - Nicola

  • Hi, I can't give you any advice other than as you trust this Dr who has saved your life once already, I would go with what he is advising. Good luck. Ann

  • Hi there, I too, would tend to trust your gynae's opinion but of course, if there is any doubt and you trust him, I'd perhaps talk to him about your concerns and ask him to clarify his reasons for the treatment he is suggesting. I would say that if you are finished with having kids (?) then this is likely to be the standard treatment path when faced with a growing 'cyst', as trying to remove it and leave the ovary in tact might cause further issues down the line. Good luck and let us know how you get on! Jemima xx

  • Thank you all for your replies... I talked to my gyn and he told me that the cyst is difficult to be removed without causing some issues to the ovary (same as Mrs_Atko said), plus, he wants to be sure that no tissue or liquid from the cyst will spread in there. The issue is that many gyns say that these dermoid cysts are always benign, and the medical literature claims that they are benign by 96-98%, so taking them out doesn't demand taking out the ovaries too... but each case is not the same, and no doctor can be 100% sure about what such cysts have already caused to the ovary... so yes, I think that taking the whole ovary out is the best option right now, though I cannot say I'm happy about this. Today, I had also a gastroscopy and they found me a mild form of gastritis, they took some gastric tissue for biopsy too... Wednesday I'll have all the results in my hands... I want to believe that everything is gonna be fine and I hope the same for all of you here. Kisses!

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