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Back on the Roller coaster!

Happy new year to each and everyone one of you x May 2013 be a good year.

This OC really is like being on a roller coaster. In September Whilst finishing weekly taxol for a third reoccurence my marker started to shoot up from 10 to 14 then 44. Chemo was stopped and I was put on Letrozole. WE took a holiday and I felt ok. On return my marker had shot up to 179 but a scan showed a small amount of disease and was stable. I was due to see Onc 2nd Jan, however, xmas eve, was taken in as had large build up of ascites, and 4 litres was drained off. Doctor said clearly I would be starting chemo again 2nd Jan. I had a scan Friday and a blood test yesterday. We rang late yesterday as clearly the fluid is on the increase again and to,schedule a drain for wednesday when I go for chemo to be told my scan was ok, only a few subtle changes and My Marker had gone down to 80!!!!

I'm absolutely gob smacked, pleased naturally but can't understand it. Maybe the letrozole is working now, but why the ascites.

Now on a high part of the roller coaster and wondering if I will have to have chemo Wednesday.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me. It is such a strange one this. As is this bloody awful disease.

Love to you all

Coco xx

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Dear Coco

Your roller coaster is mysterious but at least for now it seems to be going the right way. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that the reason the markers are down is that the Letrozole is working. It just shows that there is always hope even when symptoms seem to be indicating a decline.

I can't offer any advice but perhaps Ruth at Ovacome will be able to help. I'm sure she will have come across this sort of thing before and can reassure you. I feel as though you'll need another holiday to get over the last week.

Let us know how you get on.

love Annie xxx


Hi Coco,

Just sending you my best wishes love x G x


Hi Coco

Hope the roller-coaster keeps heading in the right direction for you. Enjoy some good treats when you're feeling well. :-)

All the best for 2013,

Love n hugs, Wendy xx


Hi coco

Ask your oncologist about having a abdominal port put in... This goes in around you pelvic bone, and the ascites can be tapped on the community by district nurses, saves all the admissions for tapping... I am waiting for my abdo port, I have one in my arm as veins crap now after nearly a year on chemo.... No ascites as yet but that as on chemo... It will come when I stop... But reassured that I can have all drainage at home from there on after x

It is a bloody awful disease and life is a dollar coaster.... Just try to keep positive and enjoy each day x gill


Hi coco

Glad to hear your good news. Hope the market keeps falling and drugs are doing there job. Let us all know how you get on




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