Home to rainy England again

Hello Everyone,

As you can see - I'm back in dear old England again, having towed our caravan (well, my super husband actually does the towing.) down to the Algarve where we've had an enjoyable stay on our favourite campsite. Have flown home as we aim to return there in January - touch wood!!

Had a lovely reception from our family. Our Daughter met us at the airport with our granddaughter, who is waiting to take her Driving Test, so she drove us home (very well) for practice.

Couldn't believe our eyes on reaching our house to see our ancient old cardboard Snowman, that we stick on the front door every year, waving cheerily to us. Also, our Electric Father Christmas and Snowman shining brightly from their home in the flower tubs.

On going indoors we found the rest of the family waiting for us so it was laughter and kisses and hugs all around. The youngest grandchildren were so thrilled to see us back and there was no shyness after us being away for two months. Even our indoor Decs had been found in the loft and put up. There was a giant pot of homemade soup waiting, with baguettes and cheese and tomatoes to go with it, and we all sat down to eat and catch up on the news. I wasn't allowed to do a thing -other than cuddle the children. It was wonderful. Afterwards, the family washed up and then left us to take a much needed rest. We'd been up since five o'clock and hadn't slept much the night before!!

This year, for the first time, we won't be having the whole family for Christmas Evening Supper. The venue is changed - we've all been invited to our youngest son's house and my daughter-in-Law insists she's happy to do it.(We'll all help and take some food.) My Husband over-ruled me and said it's time I sat back. I felt sad to begin with as it's been such a long tradition - but when I thought more about it, I thought that it's probably a good idea to change things this year, as it well may be my last Christmas, so would be better next year to have the new tradition. (Not morbid - just realistic) Plus, it was quite a relief as I get sooo tired, nowadays. Then, on Boxing Day, we all go to my Daughter and Son-inLaw's home.

On New Years Eve I'll reach another milestone we thought I'd not reach - my seventieth birthday. There'll be no complaints from me on reaching a big "O" birthday this decade!!

Must stop and get to bed. I fell asleep earlier so was then wide awake. I really only intended to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and HEALTHY, HAPPY NEW YEAR. I'm sorry I'm so long-winded!!

Love, Solange :-)

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  • Hi Solange,

    So happy to have you back, lovely blog, I am glad you enjoyed your holiday and still have more holiday to look forward to, meanwhile have a Great Christmas with your lovely family and enjoy being spoilt.... Lots of love x G x :-)

  • Dear Solange

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS! What a wonderful home-coming. I could just imagine how happy you must' be been to be back with your family and even the bad weather couldn't have put a dampened on that. Now enjoy the rest of Christmas and your 70th birthday.

    I think your husband was quite right to say you should let someone else step up to entertain the family this Christmas. I think you should put your feet up and enjoy every moment.

    With love Annie

  • Hi Solange

    Looks like you are going to have a wonderful Christmas with your lovely family. Sit back and savour every moment. Love Chris x

  • Dear Solange

    Lovely to hear from you and read your wonderful blog.

    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a great 70th birthday too.


    Linda xx

  • Hi Solange

    Happy Christmas and enjoy every minute of being pampered with your

    lovely family around you.

    Lots of love

    Angie xx

  • You and your husband are evidently much loved, what a simply lovely way to come home! And to know just how valued you evidently are! Happy, happy seventieth when it comes around on 31st, Solange.




  • Hi solange. Sounds like you have had a lovely time and what a lovely welcome home. May you have many more holidays to come. Have a fabulous Christmas and an extra special milestone 70th birthday. Enjoy all the pampering too. Kelly x

  • Hi Solange!

    What a wonderful homecoming! I bet you all have a wonderful Xmass! Have a great time on your birthday too.


    Anne xx

  • Hi Solange

    Glad you enjoyed your holiday and got such a wonderful welcome home. Have a lovely Christmas and a very Happy Birthday

    Love Mary xx

  • Hi Solange

    What a lovely blog, thank you for sharing. I'm so glad you had such a fantastic welcome home.

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your lovely family and sit back and enjoy.

    Take care.

    Love Linda xx

  • Happy Christmas

    Monique x

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