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On our way home


Hi everybody,

I am sorry to say that my holiday is coming to an end, and it has lasted for the whole six weeks! I never thought I would last the course without having any problems, but the only one we've had is the rain!!! I feel well, and we have had a wonderful time, travelling all the way down to Almeria and back in our van that we bought last year. At the time I was so grotty I never believed I would get more than the odd weekend in it - I'm glad that has been proved wrong and it is another thing ticked off my bucket list! I just hope the rain stops and we can enjoy the last couple of days .

Love n hugs


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Viv, What wonderful news from you. You are an inspiration and give us all hope. I'm delighted your long holiday was such a success. Here's to many more of them. Xxxx love Annie

Viv, What wonderful news from you. You are an inspiration and give us all hope. I'm delighted your long holiday was such a success. Here's to many more of them. Xxxx love Annie


So glad you had a lovely long holiday, pity about the rain but it has to be warmer than here, we had snow flurries today brrr

Chris x


Great news glad you enjoyed the break love x G x 8-) 8-)

Great stuff Viv, it sounds like a wonderful holiday xx Ann

Welcome home we have snow in Kent, still at least we have no rain x x

Hi there Viv ....

It has by the sounds it done you the world of good ..even if you have had rain .....

Hope you enjoy the last few days of your wonderful holiday ..its been pretty cold here but the nice weather men keep saying there is milder weather on the way ..hope they are right ....

Love Jan xxxx

Well done Viv!

I am green with envy. I hope the weather is better here when you get back. I am in Devon and it snowed yesterday. The wind is like a knife.


Dear Viv

So glad you enjoyed your holiday. May there be many more to come.





Deaf Viv

It will be good to have you back, we have missed you! But v glad you had a whale of a time - complete with lots of water, as the weather imposed, or not. Like Jan said they seem to be starting to predict improvements and it was actually gloriously sunny lots of yesterday, er, along with snow the rest of it...


Sue xxx

PS I have decided to call my bucket list a basket list. Sounds much fluffier!

So glad you've enjoyed your holiday, Viv, despite the rain. We found that Portugal was having the wettest winter for many years - but we were still so glad that we towed our caravan down there.

I reckon escaping in our caravan has kept me going for six years. It was the first thing we planned to do when I finished chemo and I couldn't wait. We went for a few days to a tiny, five caravan only, site in the next County and it rained. It was two weeks after Easter and freezing cold - but I thought it was super, sitting in beautiful countryside.

Love from Solange

Dear Viv

Glad your only problem was the rain- we've still got snow here (though not laying!) and it is so cold I've had to dig out the thermals!

What's next on the list?


Anne xx

Hidden in reply to Anne-2

Trip on Eurostar to Paris. Never been there, and seems the best way to go in style...anyone know any good hotels in Paris, with not too much walking to see everything?

Anne-2 in reply to Hidden

Hi Viv

It is the way to go- no flaffing about at airports: we have stayed in the redlight district several times and you can get to the Moulin Rouge and Montmartre quite quickly, also the Sacre Couer. There is a lift up to the latter two.

The Metro is quite easy to use and they have those sightseeing buses which are brilliant.

Think every first Sunday (or is it the last Sunday?) all the museums and galleries are free but there are quite big queues for some.

I just love Paris but its ages since I was last there. I took my middle daughter once before she went off to Australia for a year and she was very impressed that I knew my way around.

You really must do that one!!


Anne xx

Hi Viv

So glad it all went well. We had snow in London yesterday and it is still perishing. Dreaming of a White May Day :)

Love Mary xx

Hi Viv

I am so pleased for you that the hols went so well.

We missed you at the meeting in Chi but were praying you would be able to do the 6 weeks

and you did ,fantastic.Take care on the journey home.

I hope to see you at Chi soon. Hugs Georgiexxxxx

That's it Viv, you have convinced me... We SHALL buy that motor home and head for Europe x have been discussing but my condition is so unpredictable ATM I didn't want to waste time and money xxx in hospital ATM ( again) sub acute bowel obstruction, which is not clearing! Bloody OC cells scattered all over but no massed tumours ( Alvastin) feeling rubbish but hoping to feel better soon xxx

Oh, I'm so pleased to hear you've had a wonderful time, Viv. Too late with hotel suggestions in Paris, I fear, but you'll find somewhere I'm sure. I love the city and Eurostar is just waaaaaay more civilised than flying! Love it! Safe return home and then you can start planning your next adventure maybe. I hope so. Safe landings

Love Wendy xx

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