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Home again

Hi folks,

Im back, but was it worth it ? I can't decide. We went on the Sunday to have plenty of time to recover from the drive before we went through the tunnel on Monday morning. My tummy was a lot better, but you, know how it is..... I think the word is worrying. My husband was all for driving south ASAP, but I managed to talk him out of that, and we stayed within a few hours of a means home, (I.e. a ferry). We got to the bay of mount st Michael which has changed beyond recognition and spent two nights. At his point I could still walk short distances, but I did suggest it may be pruden to start returning towards the tunnel. We got to the Normandy beaches and walking was impossible, so I contacted my nurse, and we returned home yesterday, and today I've had 6 litres drained from my abdomen. Glad I came home!!

In my absence my nurse also chased up the royal marsden, and I'm in London next Friday. Hopefully they can find me something to help.

I hope everyone else is ok , haven't had time to check yet!!

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Hi Viv,

Welcome home, sorry you have had it bad though, but good news that you have got in the "Royal Mars den" (as you put it) so quick thinking of you love x G x


Hi Viv!

You will have some good memories of what you have seen and done, as well as the worries and the discomfort and pain. It's good that you are going to the RM, they have such a good reputation. I will be thinking of you. Wishes for some more comfortable days ahead.

Love Wendy xx


Hello Viv,

Glad you are feeling a bit better now that they have drained you, I remember my 5/6 litres !!!

Good Luck for next Friday at the Royal Marsden.

Take care,

luv trish x


Welcome Home Viv!

I envy you your trip! I dare not risk the drive as I am afraid of developing a repeat of the acute sciatica and I have no significant other to ask to do it! My friends cannot be asked to share a room with me as I snore! (Very loudly).

Heres hoping that the Royal Marsden can come up with a decent life improver!

Love Margaret!


Hi there Viv ..

You must be feeling easier now after having the fluid drained ..goodness that was a lot ....

Do hope you enjoyed some parts of your trip xxx

Best wishes for next Friday xxx

Love Jan xx


Thank you all for your comments. Of course there was a lot of the holiday I enjoyed, but would have been even better if I had even more active. I was also very wary of eating all the sea food in the bay, mussels, oysters crabs etc.


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