I posted my journey with OC a few months ago. Since then my son and his partner are to have a baby in May. We visited them in Belgium where they live this weekend. It was wonderful to see how happy they were. We will be there for the birth of our first grandchild.

Our daughter is getting married July 2018. In the past few weeks I've been involved with getting her plans under way.

What a difference a year makes. When all I could think of last year was trying to see if I could make it to the end of the year! This life throws us obstacles which we think are insurmountable and we find the strength to get through and then life throws you a lifeline and carries you on to better things and so much joy.

Here's to life and all it throws at us💪🍾 Best wishes to all those fighting and about to take up the fight

D xx

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  • Dear D,

    Lovely post with such good news on all fronts too. Looking forward to more posts with photos of baby and wedding .

    Keep smiling and take care

    Clare xx

  • Lovely post D!

    Enjoy every minute!


  • What great news! A grandchild and a wedding to look forward to!

    I agree, we sometimes initially think things are insurmountable and then we find that strength we need. I remember last Spring wondering if I'd see the new snowdrops and crocuses I was busily planting to provide early nectar for the bees I was planning to get for a new hobby I intended to take up. Yet here I am not only watching my bees flying out of their hive (yes, they made it through the Winter) I can also admire the new bulbs with joy (I cannot truthfully say my bees are visiting them but that's what they're supposed to do).

  • How lovely your post is, so pleased we are here for this coming spring ❤xx Jane

  • Absolutely!!!

    I'm in that boat with you ... never thought I would see last Christmas to be honest , but here I am feeling relatively fit and really well... Results yesterday, Cancer free!!! ( for now)

    Enjoy 😊 🎉🍾🤗

    Love ❤️ Jackie xx

  • Great news💕 🍾💐💪x

  • Awesome news Jackie, long may it continue 🍾🎉 ❤xx Jane

  • Hi D, such a lovely post filled with such happy news. Isn't life funny (not always funny ha ha granted 😬). It gives us such a diverse mix of things for us to deal with but here we are moving forward.

    Congratulations on the lovely news of a baby and a marriage. It's so lovely all your family are having happy times now after the dark times. Enjoy ❤xx Jane

  • Thank you for the lovely and uplifting post. I'm so happy everything is going so well for you! Life does throw curve balls, but we need to stay positive. There are many blessings! Kim xx

  • Congratulations on both fronts such good news .... after recently having my third grandchild enter the world I know they joy and happiness they bring ... I attended my sons wedding last year 10 days after my op I looked awful but the make up lady worked rounders I had a fab day and enjoyed every minute... I didn't expect cancer to strike but we take it on the chin and look forward to the memories we are going to make 🤗

  • Lovely news and so much to look forward to. Enjoy. xx

  • Lovely to hear about the good things in life! As we in Malta like to say, the wheel of Fortune is always turning so we get to sample the wonderful happenings too and these will eclipse the turbulent times we've been through! Glad you sound so upbeat and congratulations for your daughter's future marriage and the grandchild that's on the way!

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