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stage 1

Hi Everyone

I would like to know from a women who had been dignosed with stage 1 A,B or C, if you had any symptoms, as it seems most women or dignosed at stage 3 [like me] and if so what did you feel? and how soon did you go to the doctor? and did she, he, examine you and do a C125 plus a scan?, it saddens me that I did not have any sypmtoms until stage 3 which was a cough, and indegestion later nausea and anemia which led to my dignoses, I'm aware that there is different types of tumours for Ovarian Cancer, but I'm more intrested in just the symptoms of stage 1 and did you go to have Chemotherapy at stage 1.

from Sarah.

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Hi Sarah,

I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but the good thing is, you have been treated now and the prospects will hopefully be good with treatment. I had borderline OC which I think can also be classed as stage 1C. I had symptoms for two or three years before I was diagnosed (I think I wrote about them on my profile, but if not, I can list them if it would help) I was diagnosed after having recurring anaemia, heavy periods, low ache in my pelvic region (amongst other things) and was finally sent for a scan for fibroids. I then went for a more powerful ultrasound scan, a trans vaginal ultrasound scan, a radiographer appointment, then a gynae consultant then a hysterectomy and all other bits removed, including the omentum, all that happened in a 2 week time-span. I had a six week wait while they analysed the bits they took out and was told it was borderline and that I wouldn't need chemo. I had a monthly CA125 for 6 months, then every 3 months for a year, then every 6 months for 2 years, then a yearly one. I have now been discharged from the clinic but can go back at any time if I'm worried about any symptoms showing again. I can also request a CA125 via my specialist nurse. I'm so aware that I've been lucky that it hadn't spread and that the surgeon who operated was very experienced and told us that he thought he'd "got it all out". So far he's been proved right, God bless him.

All the best with your treatment and your fight against this disease.

Love Wendy xx


To Wendyee,

Thank you for forwarding that message to me, you do sound like you got on the better side of Ovarian Cancer, I to feel blessed that I too had a good surgery a top gynocolgist in Leeds, I understand that many women dont get that, and some women go on to ignore symptoms for a very long time hoping they will go away, and of course its much to late, I had a complete debulking with one on the omentum no spread just in the pelvic area, that is why they staged it at 3c because of the one on the omentum, usually there are loads on the omentum I have read that the tumours on the omentum go straight there in a matter of 20 minutes, once the tumour grows, my tumour was a clear cell which are quite aggresive, I had seen the doctor for about 2 1/2 months before I had been dignosed but they can never tell you how long the tumour may have been there just sitting quitely for months before, my C125 came down too 19 once my Chemo had finished it was over 10.000 when I was told I had O.C, my doctor said my age was in my favour [50], and that they were extremely pleased with my surgery, and it would influence my overall progression free and, overall survival, so hopefull I can say the same as you Wendyee about my situation in time that he was proved righ too!!

take care and thanks again

Sarah P.


Over 10,000! Wow! I wonder if that's a record! Glad that things look positive for you now. My CA125 was 545 before the op and came down to around 20 after, then has been below that ever since, usually around 12. I was 52 when I was diagnosed, but had been feeling quite ill and run-down for about three years before. I just thank God mine hadn't spread too much, although there was some evidence of cancer on the omentum. I think clear-cell tumours are more aggressive than borderline ones, so that may be why yours was classified as 3c.

Take care and stay healthy!

Wendy xx


Hi Sarah, I was diagnosed with stage 1c ovarian cancer December 2009. My symptoms were, indigestion, heartburn, tiredness, and looking like i was 6months pregnant,i had no pain. I went to my GP and he sent me straight into hospital ,he thought i had some kind of blockage. I was in the hospital 5days and had xrays, ct scan and blood tests including CA125 which was 800. I had hysterectomy and omentum removed in February 2010 and then had chemotherapy ,carboplatin, 6 cycles. In september 2010 I had ct scan and CA125 blood test and no evidence of disease left. My CA125 was 27 and it has stayed at that. I go to the consultant every 4 months at the moment and all is still well . I was 55 when diagnosed and i had symptoms for about 4 weeks before i went to the GP. I am so glad my GP sent me into hospital. All the very best to you Sue xx


Hi Sarah, i went the doctors in the January (6yrs ago) and told him i thought I had ovarian cancer, i was 40 at the time. He laughed at me and told me not to self-diagnose over the internet. I then ended up with the consultant in March, who mis-diagnosed me too, with no mention of OC. i was finally diagnosed in May of that year after a laparoscopy! I had all the symptoms of ovarian cancer, after reading about them on the internet, i had them all! No-one listened to me! It's sad, but I'm lucky to still be here today to tell this story xx My symptoms were heavy bleeding after my period had finished with really gooey brown discharge, tiredness, abdominal pain! It is a hard one to diagnose, but what does a blood test cost?


Hi Sarah my names Elaine I was recently diagnosed with 1a clear cell ovarian cancer - Looking back I did have symptoms but would never have thought it was oc - - I was bloated and had symptons of indigestion and constipation for about six months. I was diagnosed when I had a sudden pain in my abdomen went to the gp who said I had IBS. Over the course of the next week I felt increasingly ill couldn.t eat and was sick ended up in hospital with severe anemia and had six units of blood. They then sent me for various scans to try to find the cause and found a mass on my right ovary - I had surgery a month after and have just started chemo. If i hadn't become anemic probaby still think I had IBS, By the way I am 58. do think GP's should be more aware of the signs and symtons of oc. First time I saw him never suggested a blood test although he did examine me. All the best Elaine


Most the the women I've met during my stays in hospital that had Stage 1 or borderline cancer - ovarian cancer consists of more than one type were diagnosed whilst they were having procedures for other conditions.

I want my mum to have a blood test but I don't know how to raise the subject with her.


I was diagnosed at Stage IV. My CA125 when I first went to see my GP was 2400. I had surgery and at the start of chemo it was 196 and after the first 2 cycles of carboplatin it dropped to 159 but sadly its now back up to 180 and I'm waiting for a CT scan to decide what to do next.


To ScardyCat40,

I can only think how frightened I would be to have my CA125 never come down while having my chemotherapy, and it is always possible for many women, did you not have Taxiol [spelt wrong] as well as carboplatin while having your Chemotherapy?

what was your prognosis after you had your surgery? did you have surgery then chemo then surgery? or just surgery? did you have a spread with it?, did they tell you that your CA125 would not come down because of the tumour at a stage 4? I wish you all the luck and I hope everything gets back on track for you for the future

from Sarah P.


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