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Hello Everyone

I was intrested to know if anyone before they had there dignosed with ovarian cancer had suffered with rib pain? my pain lasted for 2 weeks in the October, the doctor said it was a strained muscle on my right rib, I was dignosed in the following March with Ovarian Cancer by that time I had heartburn and a cough feeling full quickly which did not go until I had my surgery, do symptoms usually countiue and get worse and are there most of the time?


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Dear Sarah

I'm no medical expert but it does sound as though you had two things going on there and you may well have pulled a rib which is painful and can niggle for quite some time afterwards.

I hope your symptoms have diminished since you had surgery. My OC symptoms vanished but I have been left with odd twinges in my abdomen which I've been told is no more worrying than post-op scar tissue.

I would say if you're experiencing ongoing symptoms which remain in exactly the same place for a number of days that you should see your GP or Oncology Nurse and get this checked out.

Hope this is helpful.

xx Annie



I had rib pain before I was diagnosed with OC. My Doctor said that I too had pulled a muscle, but I know now this was not the case.

Hope this is helpful

Dee xx


I had a ct on the weds and on the friday I had an acute pain under or just below my ribs, I never got it again, when asking the consultant what it might be they only said bowel spasm, fact is they just didnt know.


Hi Dee from Leeds

I also live near leeds just outside in Wakefield, you said you had rib pain and like my doctor he said I must have pulled a muscle, did your rib pain last until you had your surgery or did it come and go? and was it very painful? how rib pain and ovarian cancer be related is most strange its up there with shoulder pain!



Hi Sarah

I had my surgery and I still get the rib pain on and off - its not too painful though. I also got the shoulder pain long before any other symptoms - OC is certainly a strange disease :-)


Hi Sarah

I had rib and shoulder pain for months before I was diagnosed,although I developed lots of other symptoms before anyone took me seriously.

The pain went after my first chemo and I haven't had it since.

There may be no science to it, but I think they were linked.

Hope you're doing ok.

Warmest wishes




Hi Sarah

Rib and shoulder pain was the main reason I saw my GP in the first place who immediately suspected OC (I also had abdominal bloating). Like Sue above it went after first chemo and comes back, but less so, every time I have a relapse. I'm quite convinced they are linked and although I can't remember what was said as it was a couple of years ago I was given a reason by one of the medicos who explained the probable link. I've got mild shoulder pain again and off to see the onc this morning. Two months ago my ca was somewhat raised so I expect it's coming back for the 4th time. I'm quite sure it's all linked.

Good luck

Meryl XXXX


I had and still have pain on my right hand side just underneath my ribs, now told it is a gallstone, perhaps something you could investigate. This had been showing up in scans through 1st and 2nd line chemo but no one thought to mention it as it was a different ailment - joined up thinking, not.

good wishes



I think my first ultrasound showed a small gall stone but nobody bothered to mention it I only found out because I requested copies of my reports.I had rib pain and was tols it was caused by the ascities squashing up against my ribs. Still get twinges now and again


I too had a pain on my right side under my rib about 6 months before I was diagnosed. Thought I had strained something and it really hurt to breathe. Gp gave me strong painkillers but when it hadn't receded the following day my husband took me to A&E. I had x ray and a lung scan but nothing was found. I was told it was mild pleurisy (not sure If that's correct spelling). Pain went after a few days. Still not sure if it was connected to the oc.

Chris x


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