A Good Day

So i share the unhappy days and am now sharing the happy day today too,. I saw the consultant, all stitches healed nicely, pinky discharge have tiny bleed at edge of internal stitching the rest has healed very nicely said it will take a couple more weeks to heal completely, but was very happy with everything else. The swab from the fluid in the wound was not infection.

Full biopsy showed no evidence of cancer in any organs or biopsies taken and the abdominal fluid was clear too. The chemo probably won't start until after Christmas now and will have to have breast screening once I reach 50, so a few years yet.

Was really nervous when I got there as discharge a little worse post driving, he said that it will be a little more now I've been examined, that there is no infection so stop the antibiotics and no thrush, it felt starnge being out and about on my own after so long being chaperoned, was told no heavy lifting still hoovering etc to wait til week 12 post op.

LA xx

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  • Brilliant news, LA,

    Take it easy; do your research and boost your immune system. Sounds as if you are in a good position for a full recovery.

    Very best wishes,


  • Great News ...thank you... best wishes x G x :-)

  • Dear Lily-Anne

    Thanks for posting your good news blog. It does indeed seem very good news and that things are progressing well for you. Looks as though this will continue so I'm really delighted for you.

    Even better news you don't have to do the hoovering for another 6 weeks!!!!

    Enjoy being pampered and your break before the chemotherapy starts. Don't get nervous over Christmas. It will be just fine. Enjoy yourself.

    love Annie xx

  • So pleased to hear your good news Lily-Anne. Hope that you can now relaxx and look forward to Christmas.


    Mary xx

  • That,s brilliant news LA , you are surely on the home straight now. Do take things very easy , the advice that you can do whatever you like after 6 weeks is , in my very humble opinion, bonkers. You still have loads of healing to do .


    Charlie xxxx

  • That is so good to hear, Lily-Anne! Just concentrate on taking it easy......it really is important to follow all the advice on not lifting things or over-tiring yourself. Just enjoy the run-up to Christmas and plan some treats for yourself. Thanks ever so much for sharing it with us.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Great news and to have it just before Christmas is an extra bonus, Enjoy the festive season and as the others have said take it easy.

    Best wishes

    Chris xx

  • Hi Lily-Ann,

    Its been nearly 8 weeks since my op and today is the first day I can honestly say I feel great and have not felt tired after doing the housework. I thought I would be fine after a few weeks but have to say its taken far longer to get over the op than I would ever have thought. Look after yourself and listen to your body. Hope all goes well with the chemo after Christmas.

    Love Babs x x x

  • Housework? Wasn't it Quentin Crisp who said he never bothered, after 5 years the dust gives up and doesn't get any worse!

    I get AA and Pay my friend Ruth to do the things that exhaust me. When I was really ill I mentioned that I would need to find someone to do the housework as I couldn't stand the state the house was getting into and she offered to do it. As a result she does all the things that still exhaust me: Hoovering (cannot carry the machine up & down stairs without needing to rest) changing the bed (have to lie down after struggling with the duvet and fitted sheet) washing floors (frigthened of slipping because of neuropathy in feet). The downside is That she insists on ironed sheets (I never liked ironing and do not do more than I have to) so I pay an extra hour for her to take the sheets and iron them!

  • I gave in and got a cleaner. With 6 (soon 7, yay) cats and a Labrador I can honestly say we are ankle deep in fluff within 2 days if house not hoovered to within inch of its life! Plus mud (dog) and dead bird/half squirrels/frogs/bunny bits (cats) with attendant blood smears, leftover tails and feathers all over the kitchen/our bedding. It takes a really special kind of cleaner for that, I was v lucky to find one!

  • You were indeed! LOL!

  • Hi Lily-Anne

    Really great to hear your good news after all the problems you have had.

    Take care.

    Love Linda xx

  • Happy days are good to share!

    Lily Ann ain't got a care,

    She's on her own goin' ev'rywhere,

    Happy days are good to share!

    Looked unsuccesfully for some kind of musical notation to indicate we should sing along to the tune of " happy days are here again!"

    Good luck Lily-Ann! You should be having regular breast screening already as a matter of course and check the boobs daily! I am past regular screening but I check (not easy with neuropathy) I am having a check up at the breast clinic on Tuesday to explore a nobbly bit of left boob! Neither GP nor I are worried but better safe etc!

    So happy for you! Snuggling into my Duvet and contemplating a pleasant day ahead!

    Love M xxxxxxxx

  • That's just brilliant --and you sound totally back on your game too now you have a few concerns allayed a bit, and a plan of action. Good for you girl!



  • Hi Margaret,

    Breast screening here doesn't start until you are 50, and as I was never in a risk group it's never been something to come up. Good song :)

    Thanks everyone for your good wishes, feeling a lot better about things, I know it's never say never but the consultant said treatment is considered curative. I had no idea how worried I was until yesterdays appointment. My children are over the moon, although my daughter who is 14 has been a little confused from the start, probably because it's something you can't see.

    LA xx

  • Well done Lily - Anne !

    So delighted for you xxx

    Now go and enjoy your Christmas ...and take it easy !!!!

    Love Jan xxx

  • Hi Lily-Anne

    Been off the radar for a few days. Delighted to hear things are going so well. Continue to take it easy!

    Linda xx

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