Had pre-med today for operation next wednesday

Hi all hope you are all doing as well as can be expected . Today went really well met my surgeon who was really nice she gave me all the time I needed to ask the questions I needed to ask. She said at time of my original scan no fluid was present hence that's why they thought more probable cyst but on seeing me today she seemed a little concerned and said she hopes that's the tumours grown and not ascites fluid if it is then that isn't good news. She will know more when she operates and will tell me immediately when I come round on the ward if cancer fluid is present . I also don't have to have staples to close the wound she will close with dissolvable stitches, which I was glad about. Other wise I wait ten days for results and she will call me personally but she doesn't want to tamper now as surgery is so close she doesn't want to give me any cause to get infection as it would delay my operation. I am happy with that I have waited this long sure I can manage a few more days. She has given me tamazipan to take morning of operation before I go in to relax me she was really good , I have been given 3 drinks to take before my op energises the body before surgery and builds the immune system and a surgical wash for night before op have to shower in this and on the morning. Had all my pre-med done and all went well be glad to get it over with now. I am feeling much better more relaxed about it all. I have decided to take everything one step at a time so for now have a more peaceful mind regarding the operation. I am so grateful for all your support and best wishes thank you so much it has really helped . I will let you all know how I get on . Big soft hugs to all lena xxxx

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  • One step forward, thinking of you and sending best wishes for a good outcome.

    Love x G x

  • thank you Gwyn xxxx

  • My fingers are crossed for you, Jacqui xxx

  • Wishing you all the best!

    Lynn x

  • All the best for your op.


    Zannah x

  • Good luck Lena, will be thinking of you,

    Love Ally xx

  • I can visualise the conversation you had with your surgeon. Good wishes and thoughts are sent your way. Love Tina x x

  • Best of luck for your surgery xxx

  • Your surgeon sound really really good , I so hope that all goes well for you.

    Take care xxxxx

  • Thank you all for your kind support and well wishes, I will let you all know how I get on when I'm back home which the surgeon says if everything goes well I can go home 3 days after surgery and I will be nursed at home as they think that a patient thrives better at home, which I'm happy with, but have not got it set in concrete in my mind just in case it changes. soft hugs and best wishes to you all keep smiling. lena xxxxxx

  • Wishing you the best of luck for next Wednesday. Try to think of it as having a nice sleep whilst the surgeon does the hard work.

    Love Mary xx

  • thank you citrine for your support xxxx lena

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