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Awaiting results from CA 125 update..

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Not really sure how to do this update thing so have just went in and wrote a new post. I have been waiting on results from a CA 125 test for 4 weeks now. I was determined this morning three I wasn't going to wait any longer and phoned them and told them as much. The receptionist agreed that this time was unacceptable and they should have had them back by now. The Doctor has since phoned me and told me that the bloods have come back elevated. He says I now have to go for a scan which he will mark as urgent...( I have to say I almost choked at this... Considering what they think is an acceptable waiting time for the blood results to come back but hey ho) so anyway... I guess its just a case of hanging about now to get to the bottom of what's h going on with my body. I would like to say a huge thanks to everybody who has replied to me and given me their support... U lot are awesome!! Suzie x

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Thank goodness you phoned Suz! Now the scan, then you can form a plan, together with the docs. It takes a lot of energy, but it is worth chasing things up. Linda x

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They were wanting me to phone back tomorrow... Soon got them told... I'd waited long enough... Sure enough the doctor phoned me back a couple of hours later. Must admit I burst into tears soon as I put the phone down... I had convinced myself it would be fine as I had waited so long. As you said though, get my scan done and then plan from there...x

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Dear Suzie,

So sorry you had to wait so long for this result, but happy to hear you will be getting that scan asap.

When I took ill, my only symptom at first was diarrhoea. But extreme tiredness soon followed, then bloating and breathlessness, but that all happened within 7 days, and on the 8th day, my husband called an ambulance and the ER doctor knew right away from the fluid in my belly, that it was cancer.

So, sorry for the journey you are about to undertake, but at least you have armed yourself with knowledge and you know you need to assert yourself when necessary.

Ovacome is here and all your sisters and their combined experience will serve you well.

Best wishes,


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Wow.... That's a quick turn of events for you.. I hope your keeping well. Thank you for your kind words and support x

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Lindaura in reply to

I have been served well by my team here in Bath at the RUH, who work with the team in Bristol also.

They made a few mistakes in the beginning, for instance: not seeing or looking for blood clots in my lungs, which happened with the cancer making my blood sticky, but that was rectified in the first week of Chemo.

The surgeon was terrific, too, and I was lucky in that no cancer had actually invaded the inside of any organs, just planted itself all over them!

And, the Carbo/Taxol Chemo destroyed them all!

Chemo is tough, and it wiped me out even more, but I rejoiced in its killing power.

It was difficult telling my husband and daughter, but they both rose to the occasion and took on all the responsibilities that needed to be taken in for my care and for our little business.

I was basically bedridden for 7 months, but not everyone gets hit so hard. My sister is on nearly the same chemo for breast cancer and goes down for one week and snaps back up to running around town the last two weeks of each round.

So hopefully, you will be more like her if it comes to that!

Best of luck,


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Awww what a time you've had and your sister has cancer too... I'm so sorry. Its amazing how it can hit two people so differently as you say. I wish you both all the best xx

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Well done for being your own advocate. Not easy for many. (I have always been bolshy so grist to the mill for me 😂)

At least it has set stuff in motion and maybe given your doc a bit of a jolt not to be so laid back. Here if scan is marked urgent it is on the 2 week pathway. Fingers crossed that in your neck of the woods it is similar.

Also hopefully the assessment of the scan will be done as a matter of urgency.

Best wishes and keep us updated.


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Lol.... Nothing wrong with bolshy... I usually am tbh but I think I have held off because I was told from the offset it would be 3weeks...then the doctor.. Not the receptionist told me that 4 weeks is not abnormal🙄 anyway.... At least I have my results now and it seems like he is moving things on... He did tell me that i should have an appointment within 2 weeks.. So fingers crossed x

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Glad you stuck up for yourself Suzie, sometimes it’s the only way to get heard, an elevated CA isn’t always down to OC, let’s see how your scan goes and your way forward and options, come back to us and we will help you through.

Keep on top of things though and don’t let them keep you waiting,


Carole xx

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Thank you Carole.... It's funny but I don't feel quite so anxious since getting my results back... I feel like I'm ready to face whatever is going to happen... And now I have found you lovely ladies I feel so much more positive ❤️ x

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Good for you! A squeaky wheel gets the attention. Now for part 2. I hate you may have to wait 2 weeks or so for scans, but sometimes the world of testing and diagnosis seems so slow when we are so frantic to find out what's going on! Hang in there and please keep checking in here. These ladies have seen, heard and been thru it all.

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Oooooh so true.... You ladies are waaaay better than Google lol! Think after 4 weeks waiting on the first part I'm ready to wait 2 weeks for the second part... Anymore than that and I WILL kick ass😉 x

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Thank god you called them, at least you can get sorted now, hope your going to make a complaint the wait is stressful enough!

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I think the first thing I felt when the doctor phoned me back with results was anger.... That has subsided now... Just hope they move on with the scan in a more timely manner🙄 x

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At my Drs office I get my ca125 within an hour, other results take a day, your right that is way too long. ❤❤❤Liz

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God knows what it is with my surgery then... As I said before.. I was told from the offset that it takes 3 weeks to come back... They didn't even say 'up to..' but hey ho... At least I know now and can start thinking ahead xx

Hi, glad you finally have some answers, I'm not going to say try and not worry as I know how hard it is but once you have the scan and know more then you will feel better with a treatment plain in place.

Any time you need advice or just encouragement we are here for you.

Take care Lorraine xx

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Thank you Lorraine.... I took yesterday off my work to get my head around things and I'm on my way in today... Actually feel more relaxed after finally getting my results and ready to face whatever is next xx

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I hope you get your CT soon, the wait is horrendous, you have my empathy. Good luck xxxx

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Thank you Jessica-Diane xxx

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