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Saw my oncologist yesterday and he told me that it shows a few spots round my liver and pelvis area. He is keeping me on tamoxifen tablets for now, but putting me back on chemo later in the year. My ca125 as gone up again to 370. I see him again in four weeks time. So was feeling a bit down yesterday. So had my youngest grandson stay last and taking him to giddy kippers this afternoon. Xx

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  • Hi Juliette

    I can understand you are feeling down - it's always horrible to hear there is more spread, but on the positive side, the oncologist has a plan and you will have time to prepare yourself for more chemo. Do you know what he is proposing?

    Enjoy your time with your grandson today - I'm not familiar with Giddy Kippers but it sounds like fun for young kids!

    Best wishes


  • Hi juliet, enjoyed our day with Josh he does take my mind off things. I think my oncologist wants me to go on carboplatin and paxitaxol which I was on in 2015. I will see him again in four weeks. Also my ca125 as gone up from 270 to 370 in six weeks. 😕. Sending love and hugs. Julie

  • Juliette, sorry to hear your news...

    Can you ask your oncologist if you have any options as to what chemo/treatment you have? What the reasoning is behind what they are suggesting? That way you have a certain amount of control in your future...in the meantime enjoy lots of cuddles with your grandson ❤️

    Sarah xxx

  • Hi Sarah, thankyou for your reply. He said there was lots of options but he would like me to start on my first lots of which I think was carboplatin and paxitaxol every three weeks. He did say I could start on it sooner or wait a while and carry on with the tablets, so I decided to wait. Like I said to juliet he is going to see me again in four weeks to see how things are. Josh enjoyed giddy kippers, and I get plenty of cuddles off him. I loved the photos you put on, you look Really great. Love and hugs Julie xxx

  • I am sorry to hear you are going back on treatment shortly but you are right to wait and enjoy good times with your grandson, those cuddles are far better than any chemo

  • Thank you suzuki, yes I thought I will stay on the tablets for now, also my hair has grown back so it will be back to the wigs once I start loosing my hair. Hope you are keeping as well as you can with this horrible disease. Love and hugs Julie xx

  • I suppose I am lucky at the moment last scan was stable so that is as good as it can be. I still have issues with my hip now and again but apart from that I feel reasonably okay

  • Hi Julie, what is giddy kippers?? Am I missing out on something?? So glad u spending time with your grandson. So sorry to hear chemo is in front of you again. Remember though u can get through it. Sending hugs.


  • Hi mandy, giddy kippers is an indoor play area with climbing frames, slides ext. 🙂. Also an area with tables and chairs where we can sit and have a coffee while we are watching them. It does get quite noisy lol my hubby keeps saying he will get ear plugs haha. Hope you are keeping well as well as can be expected with this horrid illnesses. Love and hugs Julie xxx

  • I am pretty much in same place as you CA125 rising and 3 new lesions in and around the liver. Will start chemo next week carboplatin and paclitaxol as before. Only palliative as I am stage 4 . We just need to make the most of our good days, don't we? Perhaps we should be "Giddy Kippers" as we cope with all this cancer throws at us. Keep having fun.

  • Yes I am stage four to, and thankyou for your reply. The giddy kippers bit made me smile ☺. Yes mine is palliative too, I hate that word it messes with your mind. 😕 hope your chemo goes well for you. I will be on the same as you, it will be every three weeks. Love and hugs Julie xxx

  • Sorry you received this news Juliette. Hopefully spending time with your grandson lifted your spirits, nothing like the young ones to give us a boost. Take care, sending you a big hug, Kathy xx

  • Thank you kath, yes it does help to take your mind off things when I have my grandchildren. Sending a big hug back to you. 😊 love Julie xxx

  • I am so sorry you have to go back on chemo Juliette. That a real blow. Ta least you have a lot of options to consider. The grand kids really make you smile don't they? i had my grand daughter who just turned one with me all day yesterday and I could not stop laughing between my dog and her. It was a cherrio extravaganza. they will soon become best buddies!

    I do hope you fight this beast. We are all rooting for you.

    hugs, Carol

  • Thankyou Carol, sending hugs your way too. Xxx

  • Juliette, my heart goes out to you in these trying times. I can well understand it, since Gauri is also staring at a second chemo after 13 months in complete remission and getting back her hair and strength. She has lost 3+ kgs which is 5% of her body weight. Her CA125 is now 39 after the surgery from 48 before. Will pray for you and wish you all the bests/


  • Thankyou namish, and best wishes to you and your wife.god bless .xx

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