Dear Daughter's op looming

Hi folks,

just wanted to say that my dd's laparoscopy is looming. She will be going into the RM on Friday at 7am. The two surgeons, Gynaey and expert in Endometriosis, will be taking lots of pics and several biopsies. I may not be able to be with her because I have minor, day surgery tomorrow, so my husband is planning to go up with her unless I feel fit enough. I may be asking too much of myself though. This keyhole surgery will determine whether part of the tumour on the bowel can be removed or some of the endometriosis and thus relieve the pain she has been having for 5 months now. Hard for me not to be there with her.


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  • Tough on you not being there but at least she'll not be on her own and that's the main thing. It's important that you rest up and recover too and I for one think you have worked something out that benefits all of you. Positive wishes for all of you


    Beau x

  • Hi Honey,

    Sending best wishes for you tomorrow and your daughter on Friday love and prayers x G x

  • Dear Honey

    I hope the procedure goes well on Friday and I'll be thinking of you all. Your daughter can't be in better hands at the RM and it's good that her Dad can have time with her at the hospital and provide support.

    I think you should make sure you recuperate after your surgery. My dear dad was a carer and volunteer. He would always say, 'You can't care for other people if you don't care for yourself first'. You'd be no good to anyone if you don't give yourself a chance to get up to full strength.

    I'm wishing you both a good outcome. xxxx Annie

  • Hi Honey

    It's tough for you not to be there, but you will be there while your daughter gets better and, to be quite honest, she will not really be aware of too much apart from her own experience and feelings on Friday. Look after yourself, so you are ready to support her later on, when she gets over the op. I hope you all have good news this week about her results. You are in the right place with the RM.

    Sending you hugs (((xxx))) and positive vibes

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Honey

    Wishing you all the best for your op and your dd's on Friday- isn't it strange how everything seems to come at once.

    Love and prayers


  • Hi Honey

    Hoping all goes well for your daughter on Friday. I know it will be hard for you not to be at the appointment with her, but with dad by her side, daughter will be just fine.

    Hoping too that all goes well with your minor op.

    Sending much love and best wishes. K xx

  • Dear Honey

    I'm sure many of us will be thinking of 'DD' on Friday. I am sure your husband will come up trumps and provide the support she needs on the day. It sounds as though a lot is riding on the information it will uncover but I feel sure the surgeons will approach whatever they find with a can do attitude. Do look after yourself and let us know how things go.

    Sarah xxx

  • Thank you lovely ladies. My minor op on Tuesday went well. Bit sore and a bit pooped - I forgot that general anaesthetics make me feel like I've been hit by a truck! I really don't feel that bad though. I have done a bit of housework this morning and then crawled back to bed for a rest. I will take it easy over the next few days - definitely not up to going to London with dd, so good job hubby is around to stop me attempting it! I will let you know what the outcome is for dd when I know.

    Love, Honey xxxx

  • Hope all went well today


  • Thank you. it did. I am just about to post. xx

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