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Dear Daughter's op today

Hello lovely ladies,

thank you all for you prayers, thoughts and good wishes. Dd's op went so well. My husband says the surgeons told him that they were able to remove a lot of an endometriosis cyst which will relieve her pain. There may be part of the benign teratoma left but the biopsies will show them more clearly what is left. The endometriosis was so close to the teratoma it has always been hard to distinguish between the two.

I am so happy with such a good result. I wasn't expecting them to remove anything today, but just have a look and see what was what. It's a bonus that they felt confident to remove the endometriosis.

Honey xx

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Hi Honey,

That's really good news, thanks for the update lets hope and pray that this good news will continue ...lots of love x G x :-)


That's excellent news, you must be very relieved.

LA x


Fantastic news. Xx


Good news. I hope your hospital visit went OK too? Let's hope it's good news all the way now

Love Wendy xx


Wonderful news xx


Dear Honey

I'm really pleased to hear such good news. I hope Dd makes a quick recovery and the pain ceases.

You don't mention how you are. How did your appointment go? Were your husband and daughter happy to be together at the RM.

Every good wish to your family. xxx Annie


Dear Annie,

Thank you.

I am fine and can expect to be fully healed from my small op in another week or so.

Yes my husband and daughter were happy to be together at the RM. They are on their way home as I type. I have spoken to dd and she is, naturally very tired and did not get the best sleep because of hourly obs due to a slightly fast heart rate. Heart rate was back to normal this morning. Surely some of the strong painkillers they give during the op and afterwards can cause that? Anyway, all is fine now.

Love, Honey xxx


Dear Honey

I'm so glad that things went so well for your daughter- it sounds very positive. Hope you can relax now.




Hi Honey

Just read your post. So very, very happy for you. The good news is lovely to see!

Hoping your daughter is comfortable and doing well. Sending love to you all K xx


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