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Further up-date on my dear daughter's situation

A P.S to my earlier message:

When I spoke to the Oncolgist's PA earlier today she told me things would move faster if our GP faxed his letter about dd rather than posted it. She said it was worth phoning the Surgery to check whether the letter had been done yet. I was a bit nervous about phoning because anyone would be forgiven thinking that the employees there are rottweilers rather than receptionists!!! However, I was able to leave a message for the dr to call me, which he did. I was able to pass on the message from the PA and I am confident that the letter will be faxed. I am hoping and praying that by Friday we will have a soonish date for a scan. The PA was already looking at the diary to see where dd could be squeezed in for an MRI because gaps or cancellations are few and far between.

Hanging on in there,

Honey xxx

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Hi Honey,

Good news...know what you mean about doctors receptionists haha.. aren't... they all the same? best wishes just remember they are not in charge love x G x :-)


Hi Gwyn,

too true, they are NOT in charge!

Love, Honey xx :)


Hi Honey

I know what you mean about the receptionists. My daughter rang the one at our hospital hoping she would be able to give her some news from the scan she had 3. weeks ago, only to be rather rudely dismissed. The receptionist said that she didn't know if the consultant had seen the results yet 'maybe he has, maybe he hasn't'. This left my already distraught daughter in tears. The receptionist won't speak to me at all because as my daughter is over 18, it would breach patient confidentiality. I think these people should be sent to charm school! So frustrating. Anyway, rant over. I hope that the scan date comes through very soon and that all is well. Hang in there, you aren't alone. Love K x


Hi Honey, if ringing a hospital it's always best to speak to the consultants sec, they are wonderful people and go the extra mile (unlike dr receptionists), they always ring back if they have said they would, they know exactly what the consultant is doing...they keep his diary after all.

I spoke to a lot of these sec a few years ago when my daughter had a benign brain tumor and was being passed from hospital to hospital (5 in all). They would speak to me and she was 22 at the time, very often she wasn't well enough to make the phone call. You just have to be firm and polite, it's difficult being rude to someone who is being polite.

Hope the scan won't take too long.

C x


Hi C,

thank you for replying to me. Yes, the consultant's PA is much better than the Dr's receptionists. The scan was planned for September 20th and I have a feeling our Dr did not realise that it was so soon and has just seemed to have crept away into a corner somewhere because he has not been in contact since I informed him that the consultant's PA rang me back and said the scan could not be moved forward. It will be here soon, but can't be soon enough for my daughter who is almost 19. I am glad your daughter's brain tumour was benign. it is very stressful when wqe see our children ill and suffering.

Honey xx


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