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My dear daughter's scan result and next step

It sometimes takes me a while to sort things out in my head before I can do up-dates on dd's situation and I am sorry not to have up-dated before this, because it is actually GOOD news, I am happy to say, though it means more surgery :(

Firstly, one of the tumours has actually shrunk, by a whole centimetre!!! Secondly the pain dd is getting, and the severe constipation IS almost certainly being caused by the tumour and endometriosis on the bowel (tumour and endometriosis are hard to distinguish from each other). The plan is to do a laparoscopy up in RM Chelsea on 9th November. Dd's surgeon wants to work with an expert in endometriosis at the op and they plan to take loads of pics and several biopsies. If it looks good for removing part of the tumour/endometriosis then a further surgery will be planned. Whilst undergoing surgery (minor or otherwise) is not ideal, the thought of her being out of pain outweighs that. It's a bit of a bummer having to wait so long and dd still being in pain but it's hopefully worth it to have two experts on the case. Her pain relief is helping and the constipation is under control with meds as well.

Dd is feeling much more positive, though not looking forward to yet more holes in her abdomen! It already looks like a patchwork quilt!!! :(

Best wishes to all,

Honey :) :) xxx

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Dear Honey,

I have been wondering how thing are going but don't like to pester you, thank you for the update and glad that things seem to be going in the right direction although I realise not easy sending you allmy love best wishe and still praying love x G x :-)


Many thanks Gwyn! X :) X


Dear Honey

Thanks so much for letting us know what is happening with DD. This is all so tough and she sounds an extraordinary young women to cope with it all. At least the RM is the best place surely and if anyone can help it will be there.

Give her my love - and let us know how you get on. We probably do seem to post up irreverent nonsense sometimes and I hope it doesn't get you down when you're having such a rough time. It's our way of cheering ourselves up.

xxxx love from Annie


Thank you Annie. I do come on here quite often and au contraire, I find the "irreverent nonsense" encouraging. Good to know we can keep our sense of humour through all of this.

Love from Honey xxx :)


Hello Honey,

Just want to wish Dd all the best for her coming treatment/tests and to sympathise with you as one Mum to another. I would hate it if it was my own Darling Daughter going through what your Dd is.

Best wishes to you both, Love Solange :-)


Hi Honey

Thank you for the update. Sorry to read that your daughter is facing more surgery, but so good to see that they now know what they are treating, and working to take away her pain aswell. That is such good news.

Hope you are both feeling very positive, and sending good wishes to both of you. K xx


Thanks Honey

I feel like she is our 'dear daughter'. I am sure she will face the op with bravery and optimism Its a hard road but I am sure she will be getting very careful attention. Keep us posted




Dear Sarah,

that's lovely. It's made me well up!

I will keep you all posted.

Honey XX :)


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